CAN Anthology

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Double CD Album 

1. Father Cannot Yell   
2. Soup   
3. Mother Sky   
4. She Brings The Rain   
5. Mushroom 6 One More Night   
7. Outside My Door   
8. Spoon   
9. Halleluwah     
10. Aumgn   
11. Dizzy Dizzy    
12. Yoo Doo Right   

1. Uphill   
2. Mother Upduff   
3. Doko E   
4. Musette   
5. Blue Bag (Inside Paper)   
6. TV Spot 
7. Half Past One   
8. Moonshake   
9. Future Days   
10. Cascade Waltz   
11. I Want More   
12. Animal Waves   
13. Don't Say No   
14. Aspectacle   
15. Below This Level (Patient's Song)   
16. Hoolah Hoolah   
17. Last Night Sleep   

''Sometimes daunting and awe inspiring - much more often beautiful'' - Alan Warner in The Guardian 

''One of the most influential bands of all time'' - Uncut 

Following on from the hugely successful remastering series of all 13 CAN albums, the compilation album Anthology will be released on Mute / Spoon in October 2007 using the immensely superior remastered versions of all the tracks. 

Anthology, a double CD of 29 classic CAN tracks, serves as the perfect introduction to the legendary German musical pioneers and is equally perfect for all those krautrock dinner parties. Featuring seminal tracks from CAN's extraordinary catalogue, Anthology sounds familiar from the start and in a way it is. 

Many have followed CAN's path since 1969's Monster Movie, but none have bettered it. Tight, propulsive grooves get you first, dragging you into an extraordinary interfusion of sound and melody. 

From radically different musical backgrounds, CAN's members brought the vital elements of rock, funk and the avant-garde together in such an intense and innovative way (music like this just didn't exist before) that their music has a startling presence and immediacy. Somehow it remains accessible but never shallow. Though their albums cover a vast expanse of sound, from sublime funkpop through gentle, beatless depths to full-on psychedelic freak-out, a sense of egoless enthusiasm pervades all CAN. 

Put your headphones on and float off into an electronic dreamworld or turn it up and dance your pants off. Engaging and free of any pretence whatsoever, CAN's music remains as fresh and timeless as when it was first made. Nobody who listens to CAN is anything less than amazed. You will be too.

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