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It would take up to much space to tell you everything Damo is doing at the moment. So please have a look at his daily updated website and find out about the next concerts on his Never Ending Tour. www.damosuzuki.de

Summer 2001 Dates in European Cities.


Date City Venue


24.08.01   Kloster Cornberg Open Air -The Herzberg Classics

With Mandjao Fati (Bs)
Michael Karoli (Gtr, Violin, Cello)
Nicolle Meyer (Dr)
Carlos Robalo (Perc)


10.07.01 Hamburg Kloster Cornberg Open Air
30.06.01 Räucherei Kiel
29.06.01   Fusion Festival www.u-site.de

MAHATOK (Raimo Adler, Joern Schulze, Andreas Wenzel/Percussions) special guest : Damo Suzuki, Uwe Jahnke (Gtr)

Damo Suzuki's Network

With Mandjao Fati (Bs)
Uwe Jahnke (Gt)
Alex Schönert (Gt)
Thomas Hopf (Dr)


Spring 2001 Dates in European Cities.


19.05.01   Cobra / Solingen

Joseph Wenninghoff/ Bass,Vocals
Chris Toyota / Guitar,Synthesizrt, Vocals
Nikolaus Maaß / Drums,Percussion, Vocals
with Special Guest : Uwe Jahnke (Gt)


22.03.01 Brussels VK
21.03.01 London The Scala

Mandjao Fati (Bass)
Uwe Jahnke (Guitar, Synth)
Michael Karoli (Cello, Guitar,Violin)
Mark Spybey (toys, f.x. processing)
Jens Küchenthal (Drums)


Germany (2000)


November 21 Würzburg Kultur Zentrum
November 20 Frankfurt Cookies

Mandjao Fati (Bass)
Uwe Jahnke (Guitar, Synth)
Dominik von Senger (Guitar)
Mani Neumeier (Drums)


October 21 Schwerin Der Speicher

Mandjao Fati (Bass)
Uwe Jahnke (Guitar, Synth)
Alex Schönert (Guitar)
Jens Küchenthal (Drums)


USA West Coast Tour (2000)


October 11 Vancouver Richards on Richards
October 8 Seattle The Crocodile Café
October 7 Portland Satyricon
October 6 Eugene Sam Bond's Garage
October 5 San Francisco Bottom Of The Hill
October 3 Los Angeles Spaceland

With Brandon LeBelle (Drums)
Kevin Lee (Theremin, Moog)
Ryan Kirk (Bass, Keyboard)
Tommy Grenas (Guitar, Bass, Keyboard)
Dominik Von Senger (Guitar


October 21 Schwerin Der Speicher

Mandjao Fati (Bass)
Uwe Jahnke (Guitar, Synth)
Alex Schönert (Guitar)
Jens Küchenthal (Drums)



Tour Date Archives


German TV:

July 16, 1999 3SAT showed "Over The Air", a film by Peter Braatz [ http://come.to/harry.rag ] (60 minutes) with DAMO SUZUKI'S NETWORK - American Tour '98 - featuring Michal Karoli (git., violin), Thomas Hopf (drums), Alex Schönert (git.), Mandjao Fati (bass).


The double CD "Seattle" has been released in July 1999 and "JPN Unlimited 2nd" and "M.A.T.S.U.R.I." will follow later on this year.

"Over The Air" will be released on video later on this year and will be for sale at DN Shop, where T-Shirts are available also.


Damo's Network (DNW) is the name of the recently founded new label of Damo Suzuki which will feature his musical work.

The first 2 releases feature live recordings of the DAMO SUZUKI BAND (1986 - 1990) with (besides Damo on vocals) the following musicians:

Jaki Liebezeit: Drums
Dominik von Senger: Guitar
Matthias Keul: Keyboards



  JPN ULTD Vol. 1, recorded, in Tokyo On Air West at 30th April 1997, featuring: Mandjau Fati - bass, Michael Karoli - guitar, Matthias Keul - keyboards, Mani Neumeier - drums, and Damo Suzuki - vocals.


  Seattle, recorded live at the Fenix / Seattle on 4th October 1998. This double CD, released July 1999, features: Mandjau Fati, Thomas Hopf, Michael Karoli, Alex Schönert, Damo Suzuki, Dustin Donaldson and Mark Spybey.


  V.E.R.N.I.S.S.A.G.E. has been released in May 1998 and is featuring a concert from Linz, Austria.


  A 7 CD box with the title P.R.O.M.I.S.E. (more than 7 hours of music) featuring excerpts of several live recordings of various concerts has been released in January 1999.



Contact information and mail order for Europe:

Schmiedetwiete 6
23898 Labenz

Fax: (49) 4536 8799

Contact information and mail order for North America:

Thomas Ziegler
203 - 1917 West 4th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7

Fax: 1-604-736-5140
E-Mail: thomas@onalarm.com

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