Can-Solo-Projects-Live Biography (in English)


1977 was the year that marked the last Can show. Ever since, Can has received many requests to play live. In 1999, Hildegard Schmidt ( the Can manager ) and the four founding members Czukay, Karoli, Liebezeit and Schmidt decided to get back on stage to coincide with the release of the limited Can Box ( live double CD, book and video). Not as Can, but as Can-Solo-Projects. The only logical and possible way NOT to jump on the usual nostalgia train and as a result, stay true to the Can philosophy. The philosophy of the unexpected!

Initially, Can-Solo-Projects was planned as a one off event but due to the success and the apparent fun that the Can members had, further shows have been added with the following line-up:

Michael Karoli - Sofortkontakt:
When the Can-Solo-Projects idea came up, Karoli had to put together a functioning band in a rather short time frame. The concept of 'Sofortkontakt' (which means 'immediate contact') was almost imposed on Karoli. True to the CAN concept of instantaneous composition it was an immediate contact in the true sense of the word: The line-up of the band was finalised one day before the final rehearsal:

- Alexander Schönert (guitar), is a member of Jelly Planet. He played with Karoli in Damo Suzuki's Network. It was here that the two discovered a chemistry which infuses their playing.
- Thomas Hopf drums), combines a powerful style ( that Karoli became accustomed to through working with Jaki Liebezeit ) with a high level of flexibility.
- Mark Spybey (sampler), is a Brit living in Vancouver (ex Zoviet-France, ex Download, Dead Voices On Air). He is a cool abstract thinker who contributes both alienated voices as well as sounds from obscure sources such as toys.
- Felix Guttierez (bass), plays a brute bass guitar which pulsates throughout the venue and has a distinctive sense of humour which is rare to find in the world of music these days.
- Michael Karoli plays guitar, violin and cello.

Jaki Liebezeit & Club Off Chaos:
The "Club" was founded in 1995 when all of the three participating musicians discovered that they shared a common idea which involved creating topical music with rhythm taking a leading role. According to their motto "new music needs new instruments" all three play modified equipment. The Club Off Chaos debut album was recorded at the legendary Conny Plank Studio. The Club's music is a psychedelic and heavily rhythmic journey through an undiscovered and mystic land with some familiar sounds around as haunting silhouettes:

- Boris Polonski is from the Ukraine. He started out as a cello player but was always interested in electronic music. Eventually he made a switch to electronic instruments only, which he has continued to develop and customize.
- Dirk Herweg (guitar), was one of the first punk guitarists in Germany and spent his formative years getting attention with his band "Bad Little Dynamos". He is also known as the guitar player for the German band Rausch. Herweg builds stringed instruments which he treats with a special effect board, creating unique sounds.
- Jaki Liebezeit is drumming.

Irmin Schmidt & Kumo
Kumo aka Jono Podmore from Liverpool, met Schmidt two years ago when Schmidt was looking for an engineer, programmer and sound designer for the fantasy opera GORMENGHAST. Their two year collaboration was very successful. So, in a spontaneous fashion, they decided to develop this into a live act as part of the CAN-Solo-Projects concerts. The Schmidt & Kumo set was probably the most surprising, since Schmidt ( contrary to his band mates ) has rarely played live in the last 20 years. It was a furious show, with Schmidt attacking the acoustic piano with exhilarating force, driven by Kumo's accelerating beats.

Kumo /Jono Podmore (electronics), began to play the violin at the age of 10. Later he also played guitar. He then studied electronic music at Middlesex University. By 1986, Jono was composing music for plays and TV. After a stay in Japan ( where he continued his studies in Karate), he returned to London in 1990 to work as an engineer, producer and string arranger. He worked with artists such as Jamiroquai, The Shamen, Ian McCulloch, Robert Owens and Republica, amongst others. In 1997, he released his critically acclaimed solo album "Kaminari".
- Irmin Schmidt plays acoustic piano, synths and electronics

Holger Czukay: Unforseen circumstances make it impossible for HOLGER CZUKAY to participate in further Can-Solo-Projects shows. He feels deeply sorry that the long prepared 'Magazine' entertainment show had to be cancelled.






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