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Zero KUMO (Jono Podmore)
Con V 112 MC Maoko
Rescue Tai Walter Fabeck
ACTA Ian Dixon
Visiting Kukai  
Lover Man  
Grey Scrubbers  
Living Ghost  

Release of KUMO CD scheduled for Germany on 2. October 2000
with EDEL - CONTRAIRE , Wichmannstr. 4 , D-22607 Hamburg
Fax. ++ 49 40 89 16 10



AT LAST! The Second KUMO album is released! Entitled "1+1=1" (SPOON CD 46) it is the breakbeat master's 1st major release since the critically acclaimed "Kaminari" album, and the first release in the new "Can Connection Edition" series on the legendary Can label Spoon records.

The "Can Connection Edition" is a platform for musicians who work with Can members and is a logic continuation of the "Can Solo Edition" which was created to release the solo work of Irmin Schmidt, Jaki Liebezeit, Michael Karoli and Holger Czukay. Kumo and Irmin Schmidt worked together on Schmidt's electro-opera "Gormenghast" (Spoon CD 44) and since then Kumo has been integrated into the Can-environment. He has produced two tracks for Jaki Liebezeit's band "Club off Chaos" and together with Irmin Schmidt he performs a live-duo in which a classical grand Piano and Kumo's own brand of electronics and beats clash.

Kumo hails from the London music scene and can look back on plenty of collaborations with artists such as The Shamen, Jamiroquai, Bomb the Bass etc. as producer, programmer and string arranger.

On his new album "1+1=1" Kumo melts Trip Hop, D'n'B and Ambient into a cohesive mix which is still very definitely his own. The material was mostly recorded and mixed in London and Schmidt's studio in the South of France.

This release may have taken a while as throughout the making of the new album Kumo was pretty busy! On one hand working on "Gormenghast" and performing as a member of "Can Solo Projects", and on the other hand co-producing a new album with Jose Padilla, the maker of the "Cafe del Mar" compilations in Ibiza, and Tim Simenon's new Bomb the Bass album in London - whilst also remixing in the U.K, touring in Japan an DJing in Bulgaria, USA and Europe!

All this experience has even further extended the palette of what was already dance music's broadest mind. Take for example track 3 from the album,"Rescue Tai" .....THE drum n' bass track of year 2000, inspired by and recorded within earshot of the Pacific Ocean (and the creatures that lurk in its depths) in southern Japan. Or track 7, "Uguisu"......a dreamlike vision of the south of France where a nightingale raps as the trumpet of Ian Dixon flaps its wings...... Or track 9, "A.E.A".....the ancient sound of the 15 string Bulgarian Gadulka melting effortlessly in a complex modern pluralist world...... ...and that¹s just 3 of the 12 tracks on offer!

More information and downloads of previously unreleased material are available at Kumo's own website, updated regularly by the artist: www.psychomat.com



Endlich ! Das zweite KUMO Album "1+1 = 1" (SPOON CD 46) steht zur Veröffentlichung an und ist der offizielle Nachfolger des Londoner Breakbeat Meisters zu seinem von den Kritikern geliebten Erstlingswerk "Kaminari". Außerdem ist quot;1+1=1" die erste Veröffentlichung in der Reihe "Can Connection Edition" von Spoon-Records, dem legendären Can Label. Spoon- Records führte vor einigen Jahren die Reihe "Can Solo Edition" ein, in welcher Solo Alben von Irmin Schmidt, Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli und Jaki Liebezeit veröffentlicht wurden.

Die "Can Connection Edition" ist eine logische Fortsetzung von "Can Solo Edition" und dient als Plattform für Musiker, welche mit Mitgliedern von Can arbeiten. DJ Kumo und Schmidt lernten sich bei der Produktion zu Schmidts Elektro-Oper "Gormenghast" (Spoon CD 44) kennen, welche 1998 uraufgeführt wurde. Seitdem ist DJ Kumo in zahlreiche Projekte aus dem Can-Umfeld integriert. Er produzierte zwei Stücke von Jaki Liebezeit's Club Off Chaos. Mit Schmidt bestreitet er ein Live-Duo, bei dem ein klassischer Flügel und elektronische Klangerzeuger die Hauptrolle spielen. Anfang 2001 wird auf Spoon-Records das Resultat dieser einzigartigen Zusammenarbeit veröffentlicht.

Aus der Londoner Musikszene kommend, kann Kumo auf zahlreiche Kollaborationen mit Künstlern wie The Shamen, Jamiroquai, Tim Simenon, Jhelisa, Ian McCulloch, Robert Owens, D*Note, Republica, Sunship und Kid Loops zurückblicken, bei denen er für das Programming und die Arrangements verantwortlich war. Auf seinem neuen Album "1+1=1" verschmilzt Kumo die Bereiche zwischen Trip Hop, Drum'n'Bass und Ambient, ohne dabei seinen ganz eigenen Stil zu verlieren. Das Material wurde in London und im Studio des Can-Keyboarders Irmin Schmidt in Südfrankreich aufgenommen.

Die Entstehung des neuen Albums dauerte länger als erwartet, da Captain Kumo zum einen als Mitglied von "Can Solo Projects" und "Gormenghast" zugange war, zum anderen co-produzierte er in Ibiza das neue Solo Album von DJ José Padilla, dem Macher der "Cafe del Mar" Compilations und in London Tim Simenon's neues Bomb the Bass Album. Darüberhinaus war er als Remixer in England tätig und als DJ in Japan, Bulgarien, U.S.A und Europa unterwegs .

Kumo verarbeitet all diese Einflüsse in seiner Musik, wie zum Beispiel auf Titel 3 des Albums: "Rescue Tai", das ist DER drum n' bass track des Jahres, aufgenommen in unmittelbarer Nähe des Pazifischen Ozeans im Süden Japans, wo schräge Kreaturen in den Tiefen der Gewässer lauern... Oder auf Titel 7 "Uguisu", einer abgedrehten Vision von Südfrankreich, in welcher eine Nachtigall zu den Trompetenklängen von Ian Dixon rapt. Oder auch Titel 9 "A.E.A", in welchem der altertümliche Sound einer 15 saitigen Bulgarischen Gadulka eine problemlose Verschmelzung mit der vielschichtigen modernen Welt eingeht.... Und das sind nur Beispiele für 3 der 12 Stücke auf dieser CD, welche in der Tat einiges zu bieten hat !

Weitere Informationen und Downloads von bislang unveröffentlichem Material sind auf Kumo's eigener website, welche regelmäßig vom Künstler auf den neuesten Stand gebracht wird, erhältlich: http://www.psychomat.com.

Mehr Info über Spoon Records gibt es bei www.spoonrecords.com



Biography - Jono Podmore

         Born in Liverpool in 1965, Jono began to play violin at the age of 10 then later also the guitar. He was soon playing both instruments in and around the Liverpool scene of the late 70´s. He left Liverpool to study electronic music at Middlesex University in '83.

        By '86 Jono was composing music for plays and TV (such as the British premiere of Eugene Ionesco´s "Journeys among the dead" and "Stanley´s Vision" for channel 4 TV) and together with Peter Hope released the album "Dry Hip Rotation".

        In '87 Jono joined the now legendary Indie band The Corn Dollies as violinist and string arranger, with international touring and co-producing 2 albums and a clutch of singles. With the split of the band in '90, he went to Japan to continue his studies in Karate.

        On his return to London he began work as an engineer, producer and string arranger. Soon he was working with artists such as Jamiroquai, The Shamen, Jhelisa, Ian McCulloch, Robert Owens, D*Note, Republica, Sunship, A.P.E. and Kid Loops; and for labels such as Big Life, Dorado, Polygram, One little Indian, Shut up and Dance, Filter and Renk.

        In '94, together with Mr. C (of The Shamen), he set up Watershed studios in London and began to work closely with Plink Plonk Records. Jono then established himself as an artist under the name Kumo and founded 2 sister labels to Plink Plonk - Autoi (Drum`n Bass) and Psychomat (Trip Hop and general wierdness).

        With a string of singles and remixes as Kumo under his belt, March '97 saw the release of his first album "Kaminari" - to great critical acclaim. A series of live dates and international DJ commitments followed, including the Essential Music Festival in Brighton, the Sonar festival in Barcelona, and, the Graz Biennale in Austria amongst others.

        In July '97, Jono began work with Irmin Schmidt on the opera "Gormenghast" as programmer, recording engineer and sound designer.The opera had it's premiere in Wuppertal, Germany in November '98, and ran sucessfully through until June '99. Excerpts were released as a CD in January 2000 (Spoon 44) again to great critical acclaim.

        Throughout this period there were a series of Kumo live events, such as the "Belles Artes" festival, Barcelona, the "Nerve" festival at London's I.C.A and a months tour of Japan. There was further touring in Germany, Ireland, France, Holland and the U.K. with Irmin Schmidt, performing joint composed material as part of "Can Solo Projects".

        During 2000 he worked closely with Tim Simenon on a new "Bomb the Bass" album and also with Jose Padilla ("Cafe del Mar" compiler and DJ) on the album "Navigator" released worldwide on WEA in 2001, and produced a number of tracks for Jaki Libezeit's band "Club Off Chaos".

        October 2000 saw the release of Kumo's 2nd album "1+1=1" on Spoon records (Spoon 46) as part of the "Can Connection Edition" series, which was ecstatically recieved and is currently available throughout Europe and the U.S.A.

        In 2001 work began on the first "Irmin Schmidt and Kumo" album, and after extensive touring in Europe together (including the Sonar festival, Barcelona and the London Jazz Festival), tha album "Masters of Confusion" was released worldwide in September 2001 on Spoon/Mute records to unanimous critical praise.

        October saw the performance of a specially comissioned "sound installation" composed with Irmin Schmidt as part of the "Electronik" festival , Barbican Centre , London.

Further information can be found at:
which is constantly updated.

Biography - MC Maoko

Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1975, Maoko started classical piano lessons at the age of 6. In 1991, she went abroad to study at highschool in the U.S.A. After graduating from highschool in 1994, she entered Berklee College of Music in Boston taking Jazz Composition and voice as her major. She then went to the UK to continue her studies. Whilst in London she worked with various artists and musicians (including Project 23 and Rhythm of Space) as koto player and singer. Throughout 1996 she worked closely with KUMO, playing Koto and MCing on his 1st album, "Kaminari", released in 1997. During her time in London she performed at a number of concerts in and around the Drum 'n' Bass scene and at festivals such as Sonar in Barcelona with KUMO. She returned to Japan in late 1997. In 1998 she was resident MC in Kumamoto's premiere Drum'n' Bass night, and in January 1999 she MCed on the KUMO tour of Japan. Later the same year, she worked as interpreter for the Kyusyu Hawaiian Association, and in September returned to Europe to play gigs in Barcelona and at the Nerve festival at London's Institute of Contemporary Art. During this period, she also recorded vocals (with her own lyrics) for Kumo's 2nd album, "1+1=1". On her return to Japan she continued interpreting work for the KHA. She is currently working for the Yamaha English School, whilst writing and recording her own material.

Biography - Walter Fabeck

Walter Fabeck (b.London, 1961) began playing piano and learning music theory at the age of five. In his early teens he persuaded his parents to buy a synthesizer and joined local bands. Fabeck studied music and related technology at the University of Surrey and The City University, London (1980 - 1987) and later Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of The Netherlands in The Hague (1992 -1993). From 1983 he composed many scores and soundtracks for contemporary dance, film, video and the concert stage. He also worked as a freelance pianist, conductor, sound engineer and teacher, appointed as lecturer and tutor in Electronic Music at Middlesex University between 1984 and 1992. He then became a Music Director at London's National Theatre and a member of the live-cinema group Harmonie Band. Fabeck invented the Chromasone , a radical new instrument utilising virtual reality 'datagloves', while studying Sonology in The Netherlands in 1993.

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Biography - Ian Dixon

Ian (b. Adelaide, Australia, 1960) started playing the trumpet at the age of 12 and was soon playing proffessionally in various groups in the Adelaide scene. After studying sculpture and printmaking at South Australia School of Art in the early 80's, he travelled and worked extensively in Central Australia, N.E Africa and the Middle East studying bird song and the music of local peoples. He continued performing and composing with ensembles in Australia along with session work for S.A State Theatre Company and S.A Film Corporation.

Whilst studying Jazz Performance at Adelaide University he co-founded the band UTE, who after a number of years of gigs and recording released their 1st album " This is not a Test" in 1990. Shortly afterward he moved to London and successfully continued work with UTE, releasing a number of albums and singles, and touring in U.S.A, U.K and Australia. In 1999 he co-formed Fi-Sci Records and co-founded the band "Chalk Hill", whilst still working with Kumo, A.P.E, DJ Blame and Soul Circuit.

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September 23, 2000 Concert Düsseldorfer AltstadtHerbst feat.

Jaki Liebezeit + Club off Chaos & KUMO

Düsseldorf Zollhalle, Schirmerstr, Am Wehrhahn

20.30 Doors open

J. Liebezeit & Club Off Chaos 21.00 ­ 22.30 appearance c. 90 min

22.30 Change over

KUMO 22.45 ­ 24.00 appearance c. 75 min

** sorry - Irmin had to cancel his appearance at the KULTURFESTIVAL ALTSTADTHERBST in Düsseldorf !!

More information and downloads of previously unreleased material are available at Kumo's own website, updated regularly by the artist: www.psychomat.com


"Can Connection Edition"

The "Can Connection Edition" is a platform for musicians who work with Can members and is a logic continuation of the "Can Solo Edition" which was created to release the solo work of Irmin Schmidt, Jaki Liebezeit, Michael Karoli and Holger Czukay.

The first release on this edition is :

KUMO's second album, entitled "1+1=1" (SPOON CD 46).

It is the breakbeat master's 1st major release since the critically acclaimed "Kaminari" album.





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