Cool in the pool 4:59
Oh Lord give us more money 13:20
Persian Love 6:22
Hollywood Symphony 15:02


The creation of this album was the logical continuation of my work in Can's last years of active existence. It took me about 2 years to work this album out (1977-1979). I had an exiting time finding out how the different worlds of film or radio could meet in a piece of music as if they would have belonged together from the very beginning. And it was also a pleasure to play all instruments myself if only possible. I wished that music would become a perfect carrier to an imaginable new and visionary world and it should become a pleasure to the human ear to follow the music on this trip.


Holger Czukay words, vocals, guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, short waves, bass
Michael Karoli guitar on "Oh Lord Give Us More Money"
Irmin Schmidt grand piano on "Oh Lord Give Us More Money"
Reebop Kwaku Baah Chicken Organ on "Cool In The Pool"


Composed, recorded, mixed, edited and produced by Holger Czukay, adviced by Conny Plank. recorded at Inner Space Studio mixed at Conny's Studio.

Special thanks encouraging me in getting on with my music by Reebop, who played spontaneously like a lightning, Michael Karoli, who helped dropping unecessary word, John Foxx of ULTRAVOX, who pushed me forward when I was going to give up. Conny Plank's eyes rested all time on the MCI-computerdesk (I switched off the computer) and let me do as much and as long I wanted. And finally to Christa Fast, a wonderful actor and cake baker. She didn't mind at all when I succeded so slowly.

Keyboards and electronics:
Alpha 77 Zurich, Polymoog, Dynacord, Electronics, CRUMAR Organizer II, Crumar Multiman S .

All recordings with AKG-Microphones

Jaki on SONOR drums.

Coverphoto: Hermann Schulte






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