Longing For Daydreams 5:20
All Night Long 4:57
Radio In An Hourglass 5:55
Dark Moon 4:46
Floatspace 3:14
Rhythms Of A Secret Life 6:03
Sentimental 20:15


Holger Czukay Vocals on No. 3 and 6, Bass, Double Bass, Radio, Piano, Synth, Guitar, French Horn, Recording, Mixing and Postproduction
Romie Singh Vocals on No. 2 and 6
U-She Vocals on No. 1 and 4
Sheldon Ancel Vocals on No. 2, 4 and 6
Jah Wobble Bass on No. 2
Jaki Liebezeit Drums on No. 6
Michael Karoli Guitar on No. 6
Helmut Zerlett Synth on No. 6
René Tinner Harp on No. 5


All tracks were recorded, mixed and edited in Holger Czukay's lab on AKAI DD 1000, track No. 2 and 6 were recorded by René Tinner at Can Studio, Weilerswist
Mixed by Holger Czukay
Produced by Holger Czukay
Design and Illustration by Urula Kloss

"Moving Pictures" is an album of virtual film music, the actual picture does not really exist. As Holger Czukay's music is constantly telling stories without unnecessary words and thereby is creating fimlike imaginations in one's head, the album was just another step into landscape painting. Some film directors tend to feel a bit anxious about their work when it comes to a discussion how the music could fit into the picture. So Czukay figured it would be a better way to create the music first and then keep waiting for the film to come in the future.

No sequencer program was used in "Moving Pictures", though the whole production never left the digital domain after recording. The track "Floatspace" e.g. was made for the first indoor firework ever being performed in Germany (introducing the new logo of the Frankfurt fair).

"Radio In An Hourglass" gives an impression of the myst of shortwave tuning and another track, the sinister! -Holger Czukay loves sinister - "Dark Moon" introduces a new female voice (U-SHE) on which the U.K. Music press reacted like having discovered the new NICO (wait and see how this NICO chapter will be continued anyway).

The longest piece with over 20 minutes duration is an excursion into cyberspace with some whales as soloists sitting somewhere in the backstage area of the entire 'orchestra'.

If it was up to Czukay to recommend "Moving Pictures" in one sentence, he would probably say:

"Your ears will be drawn into a magic landscape driven by a mysterious musical power."

"Moving Pictures" has been released in the U.K. by Mute Records.

and in North America by Cleopatra Records.






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