MICHAEL KAROLI     29.4.1948 - 17.11.2001




Samuel Mayordomo
Ich habe soeben geschockt vom Tode Michael Karolis erfahren und werde bestimmt mehrere Tage benötigen, bis ich es einigermassen verarbeitet habe. Eine wirklich traurige und für mich völlig unerwartete Nachricht. Für mich wird er immer, zusammen mit Irmin, Holger, Malcolm und Damo, zu den grössten Musikern gehören, und zwar nicht so sehr wegen seiner Virtuosität als Gitarrist sondern wegen der Emotionalität und Ausdrucksstärke, die er seinem oft ökonomischem Spiel verliehen hat. Ich lernte CANs Musik als 12jähriger durch den Film "Deep End" kennen und war so fasziniert von dieser Musik, die so anders war als alles Andere, dass ich seitdem nicht mehr davon losgekommen bin. Ein unersetzlicher Verlust für die Musikwelt, aber es tröstet ein wenig, zu sehen, dass so viele Menschen aus aller Welt an ihn denken und hier ihre Trauer bekunden. Für mich wird er immer in meinen CAN-Platten und in meiner Erinnerung weiterleben. Danke Michael und machs gut, wo du jetzt auch immer sein mögest!
Jason Gross
New York, NY, USA
Though I met him only twice, I knew Miki to be a sweet person. I had always admired his playing in Can- he was always economical with his work yet very deep and penetrating with his playing nevertheless. When I saw him do a show with Damo here in NY a few years ago, he showed that same kind of contradictory character- he was very alive and animated yet extremely deferential to the other members of the band. Near the end of the set, he came into the crowd, dancing around. He recognized me, slapped me on the back, smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

Miki- thank you so much for all the great work that you've done and your wonderful spirit. You will be remembered and we'll be smiling when we think of you.

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didier walczak (foxy)
paris 18eme, france
Adieu michael K..! tu n'etait peut-etre pas le plus grand musicien, mais certainement l'un des plus grand Genie j'espere sincerement que tu envoutera tous les anges du paradis
Antonio Mendoza
Bilbao, España
I´m sad ... so sad.

No other thing to say.


Clive Murrell Felbridge, England
Very shocked & sad to hear of Michael's death. Condolences to his family & friends. A musician way ahead of his time involving himself in music far more complex and advanced than any other. Thank you Michael!
Mick Black
Berlin/Minneapolis, Deutschland/U.S.

Als 1/2 Ami, 1/2 Deutscher hatte ich sehr frueh Interressen in Alle neuheiten aus die Deutsche Rockszene und natuerlich standen Can hoch ueber Alle. Ich kann nicht erzaehlen kurz wie oft die Toene von Michael mir ein Soundtrack leistete fuer gute Lebenszeiten. I will miss his playing and the free spiritedness that it brought to music.

M. Cornelis van der Weele IV
Lawrence, Kansas, USA
i am totally dumbfounded to discover that michael karoli has passed on to something else. i can not truly find the proper words to express my sorrow or sympathy towards his loved ones and fellow musicians. suffice to say, from my earliest discoveries of can, i have been fascinated and enthralled with his style of guitar playing. he always seemed to truly know what to do next with his instrument. as the music of can seems to allow a sort of dreamlike transcendence for those who listen to it, i can only assume that michael himself has merely mirrored a similar sort of transcendence. thank you very much for your music, and your influence upon myself. the box is strong--heed the box.
thessaloniki, greece
music it is crying for you!
Chris Sherlock
London, UK
I'm stunned and deeply saddened to hear of Michael's untimely death.

I have been a Can fanatic for over 20 years and was fortunate enough to see Michael perform live only once, in Damo Suzuki's band a couple of years ago. He was an exceptional musician.

My deepest sympathy goes to Michael's relatives and friends.

Miles Baigent
Glasgow, Scotland
I discovered Can 30 years ago and still consider them my favourite band of all time. Saw them live many a time , for those who never saw them ,you missed the most inspirational explorative band imaginable. For those of us lucky enough o see them , we were lucky. Michael's brilliance was in his marvellous rhythm and lead play plus the his violin contributions "Dizzy Dizzy" which complemented his unassuming, quiet manner. Michael, it would take me pages to eulogise over every fine thing you produced in Can and after. Our loss is hopefully someone elses gain which I hope to hear one of these Future Days? Tago Mago by all accounts means Magician so Farewell Tago Mago Michael.
Oliver Lackinger
Chalons en Champagne, France
A sad day, as i read that Michael Karoli leaved us, i can't believe it ! it remember me the time when Gainsbourg died... Ich habe langsam das Gefüll das alle gute leute nicht mehr auf diesem welt leben...WE WILL NEVER FORGET... Merci pour tout ce qu'a pu nous faire partager Michael, sincères condoleances à ses proches et à sa famille.
Sergio Torres
Tijuana , Mexico
To dear Michael Karoli, I just received the big sad news, I'm very fan of Can since I was 12 years old and he was one of the true reasons to love the music, you can hear his legacy in this part of the globe, too. To Michael and all Can crew a big, big condolences.
sash hedrick
los angeles, california
my heart goes out to the family and friends of miki.you will be missed greatly.thanks for all of the years of listening pleasures and inspiration.i wish i could have met you. the most money i have ever spent on a record is the can box set .it was worth every penny and more.you were a great musician.i will keep playing your music when i d.j at my los angeles nightclub hot pants. www.hotpantsla.com .you are one of my alltime faves.my you rest in peace.
Ron Smith
Leven, Fife, Scotland
An innovator, an influence and an inspiration - Michael will be sorely missed but never forgotten.
Rich Collins
Nottingham, UK
A great loss, and what a great guitarist, he will be sadly missed.
Ein Bekannter
Ich wünschte, ich hätte ihn einige Zeit früher persönlich kennengelernt (am liebsten so ca. 25 Jahre früher). Aber ich bin froh, ihn zumindest die letzten Monate erlebt zu haben und durch den intensiven Kontakt viel von ihm mitbekommen zu haben. Das hat mir viel bedeutet und wird es natürlich immer tun. Als ich zwölf war hatte er damals die bedeutendsten Haare (!) und hat mir sozusagen den Maßstab für meine eigene Haarlänge gegeben. Als ich 15/16 war wurde mir bewußt, daß er eine außergewöhnlich intensive Gitarre spielte - ich mochte besonders auch diesen extrem verzerrten und verhallten Sound. Aber durch Soon over Babaluma lernte ich ihn auch als Geiger und Sänger sehr schätzen und hatte eine große Achtung vor ihm als Musiker bekommen. ...Mit fast vierzig erfuhr ich dann zufällig, daß er ca. 500 Meter entfernt von mir "groß" geworden war, u. a. in die gleiche Schule ging wie ich (ein paar Jahre früher eben)und noch so`n paar Dinge. Wir hatten unseren ersten Proberaum an der Stelle der Straße, wo er seit einigen Jahren seine Wohnung (in Deutschland) hat und wo ich ihn wiederum 4 Jahre später auch persönlich kennengelernt hatte. - Diese paar Sätze sind besonders an die 3 tollen Frauen bzw. Mädels der Familie Karoli gerichtet.
Troy Falk
Sparks,NV, U.S.
A terrible loss...play the music and Karoli will live forever...best wishes to the families and fellow musicians affected.

Phil Turnbull
Thirroul, Australia
My most heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Michael Karoli. I've been playing my Can cds almost constantly since I heard the news and have only now realized how important he was to their whole sound. I'd always seen the band as a totally compelling single unit but this sad event has crystalised the significance of his playing for me. Truely one of the great, unheralded players of our time.
Heiko Dodek
Übendorf, Germany
Diese Nachricht hat mich schwer getroffen.. Danke Michael, durch dich und Can haben sich für mich neue musikalische Welten aufgetan! r.i.p.
Jürgen Terhé
Cologne, Germany
michael has been more than a friend to me since nearly 30 years. the first time i met him and listened to his sound in weilerwist innerspace-studio i thought that a kind of goodneslike-musical-ray touched me. ever since that day the music i play is influenced by his magic. may be there is a chance for a big session in mothersky one day. with my deepest expression of sympathy Jürgen Terhé
Erik Quint
The Hague, The Netherlands
my sincere condolences to Miki's family and the Can-family. the few times that i have met Miki he touched my soul.
Manfred Winter
Vienna, Austria
It will never be as it was again.
Jethro Perkins
London, UK
A great tragedy. My deepest sympathies.....
Sean Kelly
Richmond, VA USA
I am devoid of proper words to express my great sadness over the death of one of my musical idols, Michael Karoli. While Damo may have sang, or Jaki's drumming kept us in a trance, it was Michael's honest and real guitar work that reeled me into the world of Can and has kept me there, enraptured, for many years now. There are some that argue that Michael was in many ways Can's weakest link- well, if a band is only as strong as its weakest link, then Can had as strong a weakest link as could ever be imagined in Michael.

May he rest eternally in God's great graces, and hopefully we will all see him again in Future Days.

Saint-Estève (66), FRANCE
J'ai vu 2 fois Can sur scène dans le milieu des années 70. La 1ère fois, nous étions tout au plus une dizaine dans la salle (la Rotonde de Faches-Thumesnil près de Lille si j'ai bonne mémoire). A la fin du set Imin Schmidt est descendu de scène pour serrer la main de chacun des spectateurs ! Je pense que je m'en souviendrai toute ma vie ! La 2ème fois, la salle était pleine ... Can avait trouvé son public ... Depuis, cette musique envoûtante me fascine encore. Sincères condoléances à tous.
Douglas Caldwell
Toronto, Canada
Thank you Michael for entering my life of music. Your music w/ Can played a tremendous part in the development of my personal tastes in music listening and I can't begin to express how much so. I extend my condolences to Michael's family and I wish for Michael's peaceful exsistence in that astral plane of spiritual devine. Godspeed.
Giacomo Spallacci
Milano, italy
I discovered CAN only a few month ago... I'm so sad. I don't know what to say. You always go back to Mother Sky sooner or later.
David Elliott
Tokyo, Japan
The end of some sort of era. The music of Can will always remain close to my heart, and whether it was Michael's seering solo on Mother Sky or reggae gooning on Laugh till you Cry - Live till you Die, Michael had it all. Rest in Peace. David
Marc Stangenberg
Erftstadt, Deutschland
Mit Bestürzung habe ich heute (eher zufällig) vom Tode Michael Karolis erfahren. Obwohl ich selber seine Musik erst spät kennengelernt habe, war ich von Anfang an fasziniert über sein Spiel. Ich möchte ihm danken für alle musikalischen Eindrücke, die ich gewinnen durfte. Ich werde ihn vermissen.
polli, italia
It's a very sad new. But the music remain with us, and Micahel Karoli too. In my website I'll talk about the great Can music. I hope all do the same. Thanks.
Gail Kasic
Pueblo, CO, USA
I met Miki and Shirley while I visited my family in France. I knew Miki only as a father, husband and friend. I too, lost my husband to cancer when he was in his prime. My heart goes out to Shirley, their children and their friends. He will be sadly missed.
sad old germany
The time I spent with Michael and had the pleasure to work with him was a wonderful time. He helped me a lot. I miss him so much. What a loss !
Max Cooter
London, UK
I discovered Can when I was at school and was hooked. I used to see them whenever they came over to England, they were (and will always be) the best live band I've ever seen. What I liked about Michael was that he was so understated, such a contrast to the posturing, macho, axemen that dominated rock music at that time. He always knew how to play *exactly* the right note. Can have been with me all my adult life, and I love them just as much now as I did back then. Michael's death means that a part of my life has gone forever, but thanks for the memories. Rest easy, Michael
Josef Demmler
Nichtsahnend (von Michaels Krankheit wusste ich nichts) und gut gelaunt habe ich gerade die Spoon-Site angeklickt. Die Nachricht von Michaels Tod ist ein Schock. Heulend sitze ich nun am Bildschirm und versuche Worte zu finden. Seit etwa 27 Jahren habe ich das Glück, daß CAN ein Teil meines Lebens ist, obwohl ich nie einen "CANer" persönlich kennengelernt habe oder live erlebt hätte. In meiner Jugend, als ich auf Grund persönlicher Umstände elende Jahre erlebt hatte, habe ich viel Trost und Zuflucht in der Musik von CAN gefunden. Kopfhörer aufgestzt, Volume bis zum Anschlag, Augen zu und Plattenspielernadel auf "You doo right" sinken lassen. Nach 20 Minuten das harte Erwachen und die notwendigen Fragen: Wer bin ich, wo bin ich und wann? Denn Zeit und Raum hatten einstweilen aufgehört zu existieren. Wenig hat solche Resonanz in meiner Seele gefunden und sie dadurch so in jubelnde Schwingung versetzt, wie die einzigartige Musik von CAN. "Father cannot yell", was für ein Wahnsinn! "Mary, Mary so contrary", was konnte meinen eigenen Schmerz lauter singen als diese Gitarre? Die schlechten Zeiten gingen auch für mich vorüber, die Musik von CAN hat ihre Faszination nie verloren. Warum? Weil sie nie modisch war und deshalb immer zeitlos. CAN hat immer pure MUSIK gemacht, einzigartig und unerklärlich, magisch. Als die Band auseinanderging kam ich als nächstes zur "Movies" von Holger und ich wusste, CAN ist nicht vorbei, die Organisationsform ist eine andere, der Geist nicht. Wenn ich von CAN spreche meine ich nicht nur die damalige Band, sondern auch alles, was später von den einzelnen solo gemacht wurde. Denn es ist für mich der gleiche Geist darin. CAN ist mir ein ganz wertvoller und lieber Teil meines Lebens geworden, den ich nicht missen möchte und der mich sehr bereichert. Wie ein guter Freund. Deshalb trauere ich sehr um Michael. Vielen Dank CAN, vielen Dank Michael und machs gut. Ich wünsche allen, die um Michael trauern, vor allen jenen aus seinem persönlichen Kreis, daß aus der schmerzenden Wunde der Trauer bald die Freude und das Glück darüber erblühen mögen, ihn in seinem Leben gehabt zu haben. In seiner Musik lebt er weiter.
Colin Lawlor
Dublin, Ireland
I was very saddened to hear of Miki's passing and I would like to offer my deepest condolences to Can and all Miki's family and friends. As a collective, Can embodied the true potential of music to be experimental, vibrant and exciting. Miki has left behind an astounding body of work that will continue to inspire and influence. For your musical vision Miki I thank you. R.I.P.
Pierre St - Onge
Montréal, Québec,Canada
J'ai connu CAN en 1984 et j'ai adoré tout de suite.Cette musique inimitable, vivante et encore très actuelle me suit partout.Je voudrais exprimer mes plus sincères condoléances aux membres du groupes et à toute les personnes touchées par la mort de Michael Karoli. Best wishes for the Future Days!
Jorge Baraúna
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
To Michael Karoli I thank for the contribution the music of our century and I want a good arrival to the spiritual plan. Jorge Baraúna/BR
Trondheim, Norway
Michael Karoli's style of guitar playing has influenced many guitarist, myself included. And I was sorry to hear about his death. Discovering Can opened my mind to a totaly new way of playing the guitar. My condolences to the rest of what was Can and Karoli's family.
london, uk
Immersed in Can's music for hours last night- I realized how much of their philosophy and approach we'd absorbed and now take for granted; the documentary section of the vid is especially illuminating while the filmed perfs and the concert footage show their musical intimacy and humour, often lacking amongst their contemporaries. "can't you play like michael karoli?", we'd ask prospective guitarists. "you mean the clown?" they'd reply. of course, no-one else could play like that. celebrate his life.
You'd better have some more albums ready by the time we all get to wherever you are! Thank you for your music and all the great music you have influenced...
bernhard lang
vienna, austria
he was one of my favorite musicians since the early seventies, it is a great loss laugh till you cry.......deluge...
Wilfried Barbknecht
Hamburg, Germany
Deep sadness fills my heart. Can were (are!) one of the very best bands of all time. And now one of them has gone forever ... May Michael Karoli rest in peace. I will never forget when Michael played with Sofortkontakt at the Grosse Freiheit 36 in Hamburg. Suddenly Damo Suzuki popped up through a side entrance. Michael saw him, they hugged each other. Damo got up on stage and immediately they started to play Mother Sky (my favourite Can track). That was really something else ... Condolences to Michael s family and his fellow Can friends.
Max Cooter
London, UK
I discovered Can when I was at school, instantly fell in love with the band, and would go and see them whenever they were in the UK. They were (and will always be) the best live band I have ever seen. Michael was such an unselfish guitarist, so far removed from the posturing, macho poseurs that dominated music at that time, but always, always knew exactly the right note to play. Can have been part of my life for nearly 30 years now and I love them just as much as I used to when I was a teenager. Something has gone out of my life now..but at least we have the music. Thank you Michael and rest easy.
Michael Bloom
Boston, USA
I played for a time with Cul de Sac, a group that people often compared to Can. Knowing how hard we worked to play as we did, and how seldom we achieved what we intended, we had utmost respect for Michael Karoli, as we did for every member of Can. (Our guitarist Glenn Jones used to tell journalists he couldn't play like Michael if his life depended on it.) So deft a player, and so sensitive an improvisor. I would like to convey my condolences to those of you who were privileged to play with him.
thomas tichai
bamberg, germany
it was really a shock when i read today that MICHAEL KAROLI had died, the guitarist of my favourit band CAN and one of my few and most inspiring "guitar heroes". i'm now in the age miki was when these five weirdos started CAN, and everytime i play my guitar, his spirit will flow through my strings. my deepest respect to his music (and to CAN in general), love & peace to his soul and to all the people who knew him. i'm still sad as i'm listening to tago mago on and on .
Shaun Fenn
London, England
A very sad loss. An extraordinary band and Michael Karoli an extraordinary man for being part of their creation. My Can albums shall be played on rotation this evening in mourning. Best to his family and friends.
> Wadim S. Dicke
Tomsk, Russia
Thank you Miki. You showed me what the guitar is, and I could never be the same since I'd heard Can. You were so much in love with music, that it is a shame for me now that I have given up with it for a while. I know that nothing can help the thing having just happened. All I can do in the precious memory of yours is pick up my guitar again, for she has been waiting so long. If you could look down on earth, you'd see the joy your music still gives to so many people. That will go on without your very presence here. Thank you.
With devotion and love, and Musick. Thank you.

Finbar Murphy
Droichead Atha, Eire
My deepest condolences I am very shocked to hear this sad news. I met Miki very many years ago at my first Can concert at the Kursaal in Southend Essex and saw the reunion concert in The Barbican London. It is a great loss that we will never hear that uplifting soaring guitar work again or his wonderful friendly nature.
Boris Polonski
Cologne, Germany
Back in 1996 I was sitting at the Cafe Central in Cologne, sharing my table with some other musicians. We all met to plan the Nico-Tribute Festival, which was to be held at the Kunsthaus Rhenania. One sympathetic man sat in front of me. I asked him for his name, he answered "I am Michael. I am a musician, too.". This was my first meeting with Michael Karoli.

During our Can-Solo-Projects Tour we both managed to become real friends. We spent a lot of time together sitting in Michael s Hotel Room and we were talking about all things that were important to us. As Michael told me, he thought that we both have a lot in common, not only our astrological sign. In London we shared the funniest restaurant visit in my whole life. While we were talking about his health, Michael mentioned, that playing music and to be on stage has kept him alive and that he will not accept his disease.

Two days ago Jono told me, that Michael has passed away. I can not believe that until now.

I am very thankful that I was allowed to be Michael s friend. I will never forget seeing him smile as he said "Our both reason to be alive is to play our instruments!". Michael I miss you !!!!

Gustavo L. Enriquez
Florida, Argentina
Really sad news. People die but their works live for years and years. My condolences to his family and all the CAN team. Best from the south of the planet. Gustavo.
Irle Franck
draguignan, france
I can't believe it till i came here... I'm very sad about it... Words can not express what we all feel... A genius who brings inspiration to many bands and people, a creative musician who lifted us on seventh skies... A great loss. All my love to Michael's family and friends...

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