MICHAEL KAROLI     29.4.1948 - 17.11.2001




Marty Willson Piper
New York
I saw Can in the mid Seventies in Liverpool at the stadium,I've always loved them as a band,always bought the records,the solo records,the live boots.Having been in a band that relied on chemistry to work I always loved the instinct,the innovation and timelessness of Can in all their guises.When you hear how easy Michael Karoli made it sound to be in Can,you know how hard it must have really been.He was so plugged in to the the consciousness of the band. A sad loss for art,music and all the people that loved him.
Carol Wade
Brooklyn, New York
I am shocked to hear Michael Karoli is dead. It turns out I had a nice sushi party for my birthday the night before the date of his passing. My colorful home was full of friends, and I played some of CAN and Holger's solo stuff for them. My friend Greg (he's only 19!) guessed the music, and called CAN's name. I speak of CAN as gods, legends, innovators, and their influence will never die. Something told me I heard about this before, but just refuse to believe it is true.

Now there will be no CAN reunion. And his elegant, inventive offerings will be missed. I am very, very sad, and quite in shock. Thanks and blessings to MK, wherever he now flies.

My condolances to Michaels family and friends,part of me feels empty now,The music of Michael and Can has meant so much to me over the past 30years.the music will mean so much more now.
Thank you for so many emotive moments Michael.

Klaus Dieter Warnecke
dean taylor
Can are one of those bands who i'd often heard about, but never really listened to them properly till quite recently. jesus.... what had i been missing! the music that Michael helped create over the years has such a magical and timeless quality. He may be gone from this place, but will live forever in our minds & hearts.
Pedro Rocha
I love Can,because my father live in KOLN in 70's.Since my 16 years old, Karoli was my virtual teacher when I learned to play electric guitar.God save you,Karoli
Pedro Rocha,22

Ich bin seit den frühen 70er Jahren ein grosser Fan und Bewunderer der Musik von Michael und CAN. Ich bin sehr froh, dass ich ihn endlich im März 2000 in Köln live im Rahmen der solo-projects erleben konnte. Ich trauere mit seiner Familie und seinen Freunden um den Menschen und Musiker.
Ged Balk
Lancs. UK
After hearing Michael and Can for the first time some twenty tears ago, I never bothered listening to anybody else for the next ten years. He certainly made his mark on me and anybody who got within earshot of my stereo. Very saddening.
Steve Savale aka Chandrasonic(ADF)
I am so sad to hear the news. Miki was one of the most innovative and expressive musicians I have ever heard and never lost his spirit of exploration. A great loss. I play Can all the time to people on the tour bus and sometimes they can't believe when it was recorded, it still sounds so contemporary ! Long may he reign.
Julian Marsh
Hampshire, England
So traurig...

Jimi Hendrix
Jerry Garcia
George Harrison

and now Michael

Klaus Werner Schultz
Schade, ich hätte gerne noch mehr von dir gehört!!!

no matter
voila pourquoi.
j'avoue que j'ai pleuré, ce que je ne ferais pas pour bien des gens de ma famille, mème proche. C'est pour cela que j'ose le dire pour lui, et à personne d'autre.

On ne réalise pas encore ce que ces musiciens ont apporté.
pour lui plus spécialement une fçon originale de jouer de la guitare. J'espère qu'il en jouera le jour où nous irons le rejoindre.

Hugo Espinosa aka monsieurchellew
Santiago de Chile
¿Que está pasando que a los grandes guitarristas se los está llevando el cancer?... Harrison primero y ahora me entero 1 mes después de que KAROLI ya no está. Desde este lejano país de Chile, seguiremos escuchando los discos de CAN y las guitarras de Michael Karoli. ADIOS.
Monsieur Chellew

Mitch A.
I'm in sorrow. CAN - a living legend begins to end. Good luck for your next way you go, Miki.
Birgit Wiemann
CAN - Diese Musik begleitet mich seit meinem 15. Lebensjahr, seit mir mein erster Freund das Pophits-Gedudel aus dem Kopf gekickt hat, als er seine erste CAN-Platte auflegte. Die Erbschaft dieses Freundes mit seinem exzellenten Musikgeschmack ist so ziemlich das beste, was er mir hinterlassen konnte. Byebye
Miguel Angel Miralles
Valencia (Spain)
When I was a child my brother introduced me in tne fascinating universe of Can. So today I can say that 'Monster movie' and 'Tagomago' are my favourite records from the seventies. Karoli's death has been for me the saddest new from rock scene in the last years. He was a magic musician and a great person. We'll never forget you, Michael!
dieter warnecke
ein großer fan von michael und can trauert
ulrich mühling
michael wir werden dich vermissen
Banjaluka Bosnia & Herzegovina
Thank you for your guitar on PINCH from Ege bamyasi.........thank you for all that you've done!!!!!!!
Neil McIntee
Dundee, Scotland
What on earth can I say? I read about Michael's death in the Wire magazine and was stunned. It was as if all stopped. His guitar playing was motion and emotion personified. A great musician (and reading what people have written, a great person) returned to the rhythm of the spheres. My heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and to Can.

Nick Stevenson
Shetland , UK
I am deeply saddened to hear of Michaels death & my sympathies are with his family & friends. Great memories , great music.
goodbye to a very brave guitar player,velvet night turns into sun..
Chris Reichardt
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
While at work the other day, I was reading Q magazine and found out about Michael. I was shocked and saddened. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. I have been a fan of Can since their early days. They definitely influenced a lot of the punk and new wave bands of the late 70s and 1980s. Remeber, urban myth has it that Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols learned to play guitar by listening to Can records. Thank you Michael and Can for all that great music. I am listening to Moonshake (Future Days) as I write this. Love that guitar sound.
Carlos Romeo
Madrid (Spain)
What a great loss!
I discovered Michael Karoli because of the Flux & Mutabilty album. The First Can music I've ever heard was the Tago Mago double album set.
I feel that his playing was inpirational. Illness destroyed the man but his work remain.
I wish to share the pain that Karoli's family and friends feel.

Serge Bouschet
All condolences to Michael's family and friends. I discovered Can about 11 years ago, their music radically changed my vision and sensitivity, Michael's sound and music has been a great partner towards adversity, narrow minded beliefs. The music you leave behind still hasn't got any equivalent. Thanks.
Dave Roberts
tappir@btinternet.com LIVERPOOL, UK
I was deeply saddened to hear of the loss of one of Germany's best loved guitarists.
I met Michael in London last year at the Scala when he played with Damo Suzuki, we spent some time together in his hotel room after the gig talking.
I first me Michael with CAN in the early 70's when he played at the Liverpool Stadium. I remember this occasion quite well as Michael had his beloved Fender Strat stolen from the venue after the gig.
The music scene will never be the same, my heart goes out to Michael's family and friends and felloe CAN members.
Goodbye michael, your music will live forever.

Atlanta, GA
What an innovative musician Michael was!! His style defied categorization, as is true of the other Can members.
Very underrated, and sadly missed!! I will treasure Michael's music! My condolences to his family, friends, and fans!

fractal.rec@wanadoo.fr france
I will never forget Mother Sky. your solo.... oh YEAAAHHH !!!!
William Forrest
After recently discovering can and being totally inspired , it cam as a shock to hear the sad news of michaels death. my thoughts are with his family and friends.
Geoff Stuart
Melbourne, Australia
We have lost a fine musician, but his musical legacy is already secure, and will outlast all of us.
The most distressing thing to me is that Michael's children are the same age as my own, and will be without their father.
That is the greatest loss of all. My heart goes out to them and their mother.

Michael Karoli hizo el mundo más habitable. Siento pena. No tenía por qué morir. ¿Por qué muere gente buena habiendo tantos bastardos vivos? Alguien tiene que reivindicarlo, era mucho mejor que el 99,99% de los guitarristas del mundo. Los discos de Can mejoraron mi vida y me marcaron el camino. Lo voy a extrañar. El solo de "Mary, mary, so contrary" es una de mis cinco favoritas performances de guitarra de la historia, me hace llorar de tanta belleza. Lo voy a extrañar. Gracias.
Philipp Arno Vajda
The Music of Can is and was a great impact to the evolution of modern music. I´m sad that mikka left the earthy space. But he is still there with the great music of can and sure will not be forgotten. Love to his family, philipp
José Alvarez B
You was the beginnig in my life musican, you style flow in my head, thanks for all.

Kevin Kesterson
Overland Park, Kansas, USA
i dont really know what to say, I'm a nineteen year old living the heart of the united states. I'm about as detached from CAN and the members' music as anyone can be...i guess that right there is a testament to their power and influence. along with the rest of CAN, karoli has left an imprint on me and my music. maybe one day it will be broadcasted and millions of light years away at the edge of the universe michael will hear his tribute.
Michael Hustoles / Electric $hogun
Wie wichtig einem (vor allem musikalisch ) ein Mensch war, merkt man erst, wenn er nicht mehr da ist!
Danke für Deine Musik, Michi!

Jay Hill
Mountain View, California, USA
I was so shocked and saddened to hear of Michael's passing away. Unfortunately, I just found out today (Dec 26, 2001) when I went to the Can web site. I'm listening to "Shouting Stars" from Deluge right now. Life, for all of us, is short. Michael Karoli created a lot of beautiful music during his short time here, and I am very grateful for his work, which will live on.
Anatol Locker
Muenchen, Germany
Ich bin traurig & schockiert, seit ich die Nachricht erfahren habe. Mein Beileid an seine Familie und Freunde.
San Francisco, CA, USA
After reading some interesting reviews of Can in high school, I decided this sounded like a band I had to hear. Unfortunately, at the time everything by them was out of print and hard to find. By happenstance I managed to finally track down a copy of “Future Days”. It was love at first listen. I had never really heard anything like it before, and the album scarcely left my turntable for the rest of the year.

A major factor in my love of Can was certainly Michael Karoli's guitar playing. Seemingly like something from another planet, celestial string pluckings shimmered down like a glittering starshower from Heaven. At last, an electric guitarist who did something unique with the instrument, something more than just being loud and unsubtle and/or emulating someone else's style. Karoli made the instrument uniquely his own. He was an estimable violinist as well, and his vocals on “Soon Over Babaluma” and “Landed” are quite haunting, and add a dimension to the music without detracting from it.

Mere words can't describe how I feel. Karoli's music affected me at a very formative stage in my life. It's very, very sad that that has been taken away from us.

Rajan Spolia
Windsor /England
It's mid December 2001,I,ve just found out about the death of Michael,I'm very sad,and shocked.I loved his playing.My best wishes to his loved ones.I saw him play in the mid 70's in my home town of Slough with CAN,my very first gig...BLOWN AWAY!!

Dave Corns
Liverpool, UK
Can changed the way I compose music, Michael changed the way I play guitar. I am shocked and very saddened by this news. He will forever be an integral member of what I consider the finest band of all time. I hope that one day I can produce music worthy of his memory.
Rachael Tyrell
Reading/London UK
Its strange when your heroes/heroines and influences move on, leaving you behind. Rudolf Sosna died a while ago and now I learn that Michael has gone too - and I really don't have words to express my deepest gratitude for the changes these two people made to my life. And my sadness well? It's a rainy day, sunshine Girl but don't forget ...you can go anywhere that you want with your mind...
Love Rachaelxxx

Miguel Angel Pérez Becerra
México City
Dear Michael: Thanks for all you gave us...
Andrew Wright
Manchester, England
I am deeply, deeply sad about Michael's death. It came as as a shock. I really can't think of adequate words at the moment. Michael was one of the greatest musicians ever, coming from Germany and not from an Anglo-American musical standpoint. I will always love Michael's guitar playing and the world has lost a special guy. I recently saw Jaki Liebezeit performing with Jah Wobble and I looked forward to the day when I might see Michael `live'. That won't happen, but at least I have `Monster Movie' and `Future Days' to listen to.
As a musician myself Michael's work has always inspired me and many, many times has left me awestruck as I listened to it (and it continues to do so). Thank you Michael - you live in our thoughts and hearts.

Andrew Wright

Thierry Vanderstraeten
A very sad news. Love to all the Michaels's family and to all the members of CAN.
Frank Cairns
Glasgow, Scotland
Such sad news, such happy memories, such great records.
Anders Faugli
Oslo, Norway
I send my condolences. Can is stil, after 30 years the best band.
Jan Lier
Oslo, Norway
Michael Karoli was the one person that convinced me there are no limits to the electric guitar - a true master !
His beautiful music will live on ....

Chris Emmerson
Bristol, UK
Really, really sorry to learn about Michael's death. First saw Can in 1971 - to say they changed the way I listened to music is something of an understatement. Michael was a truly original guitarist and musician, exciting, inspirational, stimulating. A great loss. Thanks a million and condolences to family and other members of Can. XXX
Kurt Piepenburg
Never heard a better guitarist....never talked to a nicer guy.....All Gates Open now? For certain they are.
A true head, thanks for everything. B-UK

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