MICHAEL KAROLI     29.4.1948 - 17.11.2001




federico valdes
sad news . shocked to hear that one of the most talented musicians from the 70s still pushing the envelope has left us thank god he is up there playing with some other genious guys who left a long time ago thanks for everything , michael.
Ian Wakefield
Stoke on Trent, UK
my deepest condolences to all Michael's family & friends.I didn't even know he'd been ill, so the news left me shocked. My mind goes back to when i first heard Tago Mago. This is amazing guitar playing, I thought. So ethereal, beautiful & magical, sometimes you can't tell what Michael is playing & what is Irmin's. I've never heard anything like this sound. I always made sure of seeing Can play when they were in the UK after that & I can assure everyone that in 30 years of concert-going I can say that Can were the best I've ever seen. Beautiful & powerful & magical every time & yes I still couldn't tell sometimes what was Michael & what was Irmin. There'll never be another musician like Michael or another band like Can. Miss you
Fred Mills
Tucson, Arizona USA
I was privileged to interview Michael along with the other members of Can in 1999. He was unfailingly gentlemanlike and slyly humorous, engaging the conversation as if he hadn't been asked the questions a million times -- one of the nicest interview subjects I've ever encountered. He was also one of my earliest guitar heroes when I was just a dumb teenager in the '70s awaiting for my mind to expand to the accompaniment of Can and their musical brethren on my battered stereo. Rest in peace, Michael.
Gary Roberts
Leicester, UK
I have just read the sad news on your website. I rate Michael Karoli as one of my absolute favourite guitarists/musicians, and an artist who could be both intelligent and exciting at the same time. Can are one of my favourite groups, always innovative and beautifully anarchic. My sincere condolences to his family.
Cambridge, MA, usa
He will be very much missed. My sympathy and heartfelt strength to his family and friends.
Munir Tireli
We love you
bezaudun les alpes
bonjour i'm so sad: 3 months ago i read that miChael was living really close to my house: Utelle is 25 km away from my village ... everytime i was thinking:"i'm gonna meet him and play with him and talk with him"...i was waiting for the good day... and today:i receive dAmo's e-mail......................
Carina Pereira
Hampshire, Britain
Holger Czukay's account of Michael Karoli's reluctance to distress his children with a video interview "as it would appear to him speaking out his final testament" moved me to tears. I had no idea of his illness & send my condolences to all who loved him. This book of sentiments & memories speaks for itself. I hope to become familiar with all his work. Thanks
Singapura, Malaya
Dear Michael-- You hit the Golden Note, shift the Heavens above & got teleported, while your guitar gently weeps....WE here would miss you-- Isrizal
Manfred Miersch
Berlin, Germany
In einer Zeit in der die legendären Werke der Krautrocker als Perlen der Popmusik des letzten Jahrhunderts bewahrt und z.T. wiederveröffentlicht werden (Beispiel: Neu!) gilt es den Blick nach vorn zu richten. Lasst uns die fantastische Musik von Michael Karoli und Freunden als Vorbild für Neues in die Zukunft weitertragen. Kraut lebt!
Darren Stephens
shocked to hear of michaels untimely death.. a unique talent
Where Miki is, there is no past, present, future. He's just hanging out, knowing that we'll all join him sooner or later. He lifts the guitar to the stars, and the sound has no end -- just like before.
Michael Kramarczyk
Bridgewater, NJ USA
Michael Karoli will be sorely missed. My condolences to the family and friends of Michael Karoli. An influential guitarist and a wonderful collabarator in Can. Long live good music, long live Can.
Jon Whitney
Boston, MA (USA)
Thank you for many years of truly important music. I honestly don't know where many current artists I listen to would be without the existence of Can. My heart goes out to Michael's family, friends and bandmates. Thank you all.
Rik Rolski
Address=New Sallem, US
Micki was the reason I picked up a guitar in the first place-no one ever came close to sounding like him. I bought my first CAN LP when I was 16-I'm now 44 and still have yet to hear music played with such a sense of adventure, beauty and bewilderment. It was a sad day when the band ended-it's even sadder to think that a member has stepped over. I will continue to play CAN music at home and on my radio show. RIP Micki and thanks for all that you gave.
Matt Jarvie
Rochester, NY, USA
Words cannot describe how I feel right now. It's a combination of both shock and extreme sadness. Michael was a phenomenal guitarist and a member of one of the greatest bands of all-time. He will always live in our hearts through his music.

Thanks for all the great music, Miki.


Matt Jarvie

Mark Pritchard
Los Angeles, CA USA
A few years back I had the pleasure of seeing Michael & Damo perform at Spaceland here in LA. After a blistering second set, Michael walked down into the crowd. I thanked him for a great show-he responded with a big hug and a humble "We try our best". He will be greatly missed.
fernando torres
rio de janeiro , brazil
very very very sad not much i can say
alexander salangin
moscow, russia
can is very popular in russia. I was an alternative & vanguard music expert of the largest moscow cd-megastore "transylvania-65000" during two years & I can say about can's music that it's more than music for russians. all my ex-byers grieve about michael. so do I
Joachim Hausberg
Kiel, Deutschland
Michael, Du warst mein erster und bester Freund, als wir noch in Essen zur Schule gingen. Leider haben wir uns später aus den Augen verloren. Ich hätte Dich gerne noch einmal wieder gesehen. Doch dafür ist es nun zu spät.
Rainer Csallner
Niederuzwil; Schweiz
Wenn Helden sterben, dann gehen Welten unter. Aber Ihre Heldentaten bleiben uns für immer und ewig erhalten. Vielen Dank Miki
Uwe Jahnke
Solingen, Deutschland

There is a little parting word Which few can hear without a sigh No wonder when its sound is heard It claims a tear from friendship s eye.

For who can hear the last goodbye, Without one pang of silent sorrow To think the friends who now are nigh May be far distance by to-morrow.

But...what words can paint the tears When from those friends we sever; Perhaps to part for month, for years But never part for ever!!!

Nach all den Mißverständnissen und Irrtümern sind wir wieder Freunde geworden. Danke Miki


Peter Schofield
Melbourne, Australia
Can have been the soundtrack to my life for close to thirty years. It seems like I've lost a friend whom I've never met. My condolences to Michael's family and the other Can members.
Kjetil Maribo
N- 2270 Flisa, Norway
This is weird... Last night I was listening to Tago Mago in my car. As I listened, I was thinking how wonderfully the guitar complement the other sounds in the music. For some reason I thought the guitar sounded particulary beautiful right then, and I hadn't heard about Michael's death yet...

I got the news this morning, from a friend and fellow Can admirer. This is the saddest news in a long, long time. Michael Karoli was a truly original musician. Tonight I will drink to his memory, and play Tago Mago again.

A legend is gone. Thanx for everything. My deepest sympathies to the entire Can family
Denver, Colorado USA
My heart goes out to Michael's family and friends. Sleep peacefully my man!
Munir Tireli
Istanbul, Turkey
i was fascinated with the brain fusion of CAN in my early youth by hearing the kraut masterpiece "Ege Bamyasi"...After a decade i heard the death of a guy that has been my mental brother since my first engagement to this great artistic touch... i feel lonely, and know that nothing will occur as it has been till today... rest in peace and have the holy goodness
Gozef Hoden
San Pedro, Ca, United States of Amnesia
Rest in peace, You will never be replaced
Michael Letourneau (s venna)
Toronto, Canada
This morning I dropped by Holger's site - the ticker started, "...Michael Karoli.." and my heart lept to my throat. I am sure Michael is soaring, as the music he created always will.
Ascoli Piceno, Italy
No words to say. Only sadness
New York / Istanbul
one thing is for sure... miki did not live for nothing... he lived and have been an influence on many minds. and i am very happy to be one of them... i love you... all : miki, can and all other minds... c
Ricardo Aguilar
San Jose Costa Rica
I would like to give my sincere regards to his family and close friends. His music is the better legacy he left all of us, so rest in peace
Guido Saladillo
Tilburg Netherlands
Een groot verlies, condolences to his family and all people he worked with.
michael h,acker
95490 obernsees bei bayreuth, franken brd
danke namensvetter karoli deine gitarre dein spiel in böhmen seit ihr echte stars gruss aus karlovyvary unsere impro band das kolo/RAD DANK EUCH WEGBEREITERN


Leonhard Larch
Good Bye You wonderful inspiring Michael Karoli. May your soul find rest and peace and I hope you'll meet Frank Zappa for a session up there !


Thomas Blümel
Der Mensch, ein Nichts gegenüber dem All und ein Alles gegenüber dem Nichts...

Can 1972 in Mannheim, Germany UNVERGESSLICH

Tim Jones
Manchester UK
I first heard Can via my older brother and his group of friends in 1971 - I was 10 years old and I would say that was the starting point as regards being seduced by the more exotic sounds that you didn't hear on the radio. One of the greatest quotes that I've ever read (regarding music) was from Michael Karoli- whilst being interviewed about improvising, the conversation turned to jazz- Michael came out with the immortal line- "....if you make a mistake...repeat it!" There's simply not enough space to praise the qualities of this fantastic musician/sound artist. My heart goes out to his family, all the Can collective and all the people who were lucky enough to have met him - R.I.P.
Frankfurt, Germany
only the good die young...
akio mokuno
I saw two times your great guitar playing. It was blew me out to space. Michael was the best guitarist of 20th century. I just heard sad news this morning from Gerard Maranga. I will never forget your cool attitude toward music. Thank you !!
jon k.
been meaning to get all my old CAN albums out again for ages.. so finally have ... saw CAN several times - notably at Sussex Uni in the mid-70s, where they had a big following and later in London where via a friend of friend I got to meet them backstage - such ordinary unassuming guys, no pop band pretensions - the music always did the talking. Saw Michael in London a couple of years ago with Damo's band - brilliant gig at the Garage, Michael was on top form. Well I know I'm going to enjoy 'Future Days' listening to all the albums again - my personal favourite 'Soon over Babaluma' is playing now - but with sadness..
Montelimar 26200 France
It seems that everyday puts us further from the light... Kisses to all the family Walter Monnen Michele Leonor
Chris Meloche
London, Ont., Canada
Very sad news, indeed. I first heard Can in 1970 and have listened to their music and shared it with others ever since. Michael's presence will be sadly missed.
joolz smith
exeter, england
i just can't believe this sad news. since seeing can in bristol in the early 70's, i have been constantly in awe of the power and originality of their music. michael was a very special guitarist; i only met him once but he was obviously a kind and genuine guy. thank you michael for everything you have given us!
Günter Wandtke
Sydney / Australia
I remember an article on CAN and ESP, Michael played the guitar in the CAN studio in Weilerwist, listening to it with headphones only. He observed a man in a neighbouring backyard chopping wood to the rhythm of his play. When he stopped playing, the man stopped chopping wood and looked around startled and only resumed chopping when Michael resumed playing. There was also an account of Michael and Irmin meeting in the middle of the night having woken up from the same dream. Michael and CAN sometimes played tunes in my dreams and sometimes I woke up wishing I could have video taped that like in the movie "Unto The End Of The World", for which CAN provided music as well. I feel his spirit soaring as I cry for a lost hero. Gunter
Drew Kalapach
Houston, Tx.
Holger Czukay contacted me with an e-mail titled "Michael Karoli". Holger & I have been in costant contact over the past few years and I knew of Miki's health so when the note arrived, I just stared at it.... I knew what had happened. I just didn't want it to be so I delayed opening the note for awhile just staring at the title. CAN was a huge part of my youth so many years ago. I thought back to those days and I felt like a part of me died with Miki as my eyes began to mist. When your heroes die, a bit of you dies with them it seems. Thanks Miki for your gift of music...

See you again.... in Future Days.


Bil Vermette
Chicago USA
My deepest sympathies to the entire Can family.
Alistair Crosbie
Glasgow, Scotland
With great sadness. We have lost an exceptional musician, but many have lost a friend too and my deepest sympathies are with all those who knew him well. Rest well Michael. And thank you.
Bill Gator
Catania - Italy
Little from being able to say...
Thousands thanks Michael in order to have created the soundtrack of much people like me...
good rest ...
good permanence ..

Thomas Papanicholas
My deepest regrets to the family and friends of Michael Karoli. I am shocked and saddened by the news. Many a time a great troubadour graces us with their presence, Giving us the precious gift of their vision. Sharing something that not many posses, The gift of bringing people together with the unifying and healing power of music. Miki was one of the greats. Sadly, One of the greats has been taken from us. But let us remember the legacy that he left behind. Let us be thankful for the privilege of being graced by his presence, For giving us the opportunity to share in the gift that was his craft. The music that he gave us will live on and stand the test of time, It already has. Once again, My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of this great troubadour. May peace go with you.

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