Archived Entries 2003-1st quarter

Jindrich Tolar
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
thank you for all nice music

Gerd Hoeschen/DJ Ottic
Sinzig, Germany
As an alternative radio & club DJ I´d just like to say hello to one of the most innovative german bands. Good Luck also with future projects.

Jana Gladrow
Leipzig, Germany
gibt¥s noch konzerte mit den "klassikern" von can??? ich bitte um information! DANKE!!

Rainer Meise
Habe noch ein Tago Mago Doppelalbum übrig. Wer hat Interesse?

Topocalma, CHILE and/or
Can...impenetrable masterpieces from another planet,dimension and time... I'm glad to have found this web site!. If a member of the band wants to go south, as south as Chile, I would be pleased to be his tourist guide :) question: When will you meet again in the studio?...we want more!!!

Horst Piegeler
Cologne, Germany
N'abend, 12 Meter ¸ber mir oder 2 Meter unter mir - Stichwort Hindemith und drei.

Paul Frank Hawxwell
Sheffield, England
Long may you prosper, for the pleasure you have given me, you deserve the best.

Leif Svensson
Tidaholm, Sweden
I really want to know where and when CAN will give a concert. I never thought that I would get the chance to hear Can live, and maybe I won¥t. But if there is a concert planned I must know, and I will get there somehow.

Leif Svensson, Sweden

Jörg Ausfelt
Perstorp, Schweden
I'd love to hear a live album from Can after all these years - it's been 20 years since I bought my first album (got them all, of course...) - and a concert would be over the top! Copenhagen, maybe? Oder Hamburg (wo meine Oma wohnt), vielleicht?

Gianluca Sferlazzo
I'm a teenage Krautrocker, subscribe me in the list. I don't know what say at the moment because I am too stoned. Bye

Ps: thanks to Fabio for borrowing me his e-mail address.

Todd Allred
Franklinton NC, USA
I am wondering what happened to the planned CAN tribute on Nickelbag Records...

By the way CAN rules!!!!

Liverpool, UK
What a flipping fantastic site! Can were/are just the most perfect group of all time - for the simple reason that they never strove for perfection - nothing was finished, everything was open ended, everything was accidental, capturing THE moment in real time and when it had gone it had gone, but fortunately Holger had the tape running the whole time so can we recaptire those moments by listening on their brilliant LPs. But I have a feeling those LPs are just random selections and they could have released another 100 LPs of alternative takes and they'd be totally different but equally as wonderful!

Chris Guttmacher
San Francisco, CA USA
Can have been my favorite group for around 15 years now. While one of the most amazing things about their music is the way all elements coalesce into an organic whole, Jaki's drumming just knocks me out every time. Well, I could go on and on about ALL of the members, really. One thing - not being much of a drum & bass or techno fan, I was disappointed by "Sacrilege." I would be fascinated to see what trip hop, hip hop or reggae dub mixers would have done with Can tracks, and I feel those genres have at least as much in common with Can's approach as the drum & bass/techno genres do. Also these genres I mentioned tend to place more emphasis on live drum tracks - I was hoping to hear my drum guru Jaki in dubwise style - not paved over with computerized beats. How about another volume one of these days? Some fave Can tunes: side one of Tago Mago in it's entirety, I'm Too Leise, You Doo Right, One More Night, Like A New Child, Outside My Door, Thief, Blue Bag (Inside Paper), Dying Butterfly, Soul Desert ...and just about all the rest of `em!!!

Matthias Müther
Porta Westfalica,Germany
I still remember being ca. 10 or 11 years old and sitting paralyzed in front of the TV listening to this music coming out of the speaker, the title 'song' of this film 'Das Messer', 'Spoon'... Can-music has ever since been a part of me, especially the Damo years. And now with the announcement of the live album a life-long dream is going to become reality...

Bill Dixon
London, England
Good luck with Gormenghast. I probably cannot make it to Wuppertal but you never know. Please send booking Information

Richard Johansson
Lund, Schweden
I just can't understand why you don't release U-She's music on Spoon. I would be happy about that, and I know that there is a lot of interest in this thing. She is really a lovely singer. It would be a pity if you missed that opportunity.

Colonel Pepzhez
Hallo Hildegard! We at Czukay Chat have been wondering why Spoon has not released the CDs by the extraordinary U-She! That 5 years worth of work are still unreleased anywhere in this world is unfathomable to everyone who has heard the music she has made with Holger Czukay. U-She received rave reviews in America for her concerts with Holger and Dr. Walker. The excitement continues to build and her fans grow a little more impatient! Please consider releasing this extraordinary music on Spoon! Thank you.

Joung Chul
Seoul, Korea
Hey...I'm a fan of CAN. I thank you to release all the CAN LPs and Solos. But how about release 2 for 1? For example Delay 1968 + Monster Movie...or Soundtracks + Ege Bamyasi? Anyway I'll buy CAN CDs. I made CAN Review site in my home in Korean. Please visit me and cheer up!

Archie Patterson / EUROCK
POB 13718, Portland, Oregon 97213 USA
Hello Hildegard! The beat goes on here. The Box set for Rhino Records (w/ a Can track incl. got great reviews) Soon comes the 25 Year Anniversary Issue of EUROCK CD-ROM. MIR! Archie

Isaac Ramos
Baltimore, USA
please send me information concerning the re-release of the CAN FREE CONCERT THIS YEAR.THANK YOU.

Krautrock Message Board
we are a forum for krautrocker, postrockers, avant-gardists and proggies to trade, chat, argue, criticise and suchlike!

Dominique Iroz
Paris, France
Congratulations for your Site

Tomohiko Noda
Takatsuki Osaka, Japan
I have been loving CAN since 1970's. I hope to see them in Japan.

Kevin MacNutt
Harrisonburg, VA USA
Hi, I recently purchased an album by Can called "Radio Waves". What is the story on this one???? I assume it is a bootleg since it does not list any publishers, etc. It kind of fits the philosophy that I have about bootlegs which is along the lines of additional albums for the fans that have everything. I am surprised Spoon is not releasing the stuff on this disc such as the 35 minute version of "Up The Bakerloo" from the Anne Nightengale show in 1972 (different than the peel session recording), "Paperhouse" from the Beat Club, "Entropy", an early Suzuki track from 1970, the mysterious alternate "Little Star" and a extended version of "Shikakru Maru Ten". I think if Spoon released this, it would sell. Is any of this going to be on "Live 70's"??? Is the video for "Paperhouse" going to be on the video??? I love the music and I want more and more and more!!!!!! I also agree, Spoon should release "Out of Reach" since the one released by Thunderbolt is a horrible vinyl master that actually sounds worse than many of my bootlegs.

Curious Orange
I see that the site is going through some changes; looking good. I still can't wait for all the new releases to start!!
Also, I keep reading about Malcolm Mooney's new album, is it out yet please because I can't find it? Oh, and although not one of my favourite can albums, I think that 'out of reach' should get the Holger treatment - thus returning it to the can fold!?

Jouan Olivier
Grenoble, France
when will the can free concert in sale ?
available in france?
thanks for your site and especially your music

Colonel Pepzhez
El Paso, Texas, USA
Hallo Irmin, Jaki, Miki, Damo, Malcolm, Hildegard, Holger (as always!) and, er, oh, dear, is that everyone? Looking forward to seeing/hearing the upcoming Can Festival on Holger's GVOON server. Also hope to see the Spoon site become as much a haven for lunatics as Holger's is!

Isailovic Vladimir
Great,what to say! Where is Mooney? 

Robin Deas
Thornton, Scotland
Can anyone tell me if there is still something planned for Berlin in November? And will there be anyone from Can playing at Popkomm in Cologne this year? 

Markus Berzborn
Monschau, Germany
Thanks for your nicely structured and highly informative CAN pages!
I´ve been enthusiastically listening to CAN and the members' respective solo projects since 1981 (was 14/15 years old back then) and both have had a tremendous influence on my own music making, I should think. The first records I bought were "Ege Bamyasi" and Holger Czukay's "On the Way to the Peak of Normal", if I remember correctly. My CAN collection is entirely on vinyl and this is the format I still prefer today (as virtually ALL of my music loving friends do). So the question I want to ask is whether the upcoming "70s Live" collection will be released on LP as well (preferably directly from the master tapes), as was the "Sacrilege" album. I sincerely hope so, although of course I would also buy it if there was only a CD available. Best wishes for the Berlin event and happy birthday, CAN! 
 Graham Shore
Sheffield, England
Can are the best, bar none. Just wish I could have seen them live at some stage; hopefully in the future. They have influenced me so much since first hearing them in 1979 on Cannibalism, NME's compilation album of that year.  

Hans van der Veen
Wissenkerke, Netherlands
At last the site is operational. I've been waiting for months, but its worth the effort. Excellent site, alas I already ordered through Mutebank, but there are still a lot of records i would also like to own on cd. Strange how after 20 years Can music is still fresh and inspiring. It will never bore.
Please get together again sometime!
greetings, hans  

Andrew Paine
Ithaca New York, United States.
I'm very glad that CAN finaly is on the net. Your music is highly inpirational for me. It fits in perfectly with my artistic vision of life. I'm a painter and I have adopted the line from the song "... More and More" as my own personal mantra. I want to fill my painting with more and more, to be richer and richer, deeper and deeper, as is your music.
     I only hope you post more news on your page.

Andrew Paine
Ithaca, United States
Ok, since people are asking questions, I guess I will ask a few. Is it possible to still get copies of Pre-historic Future and OnlyYou? How small of pressings were they, and what was on OnlyYou. I read about it in the Can book.
I like the bullitin board / newsgroup idea. Better yet why not create some chat rooms like Holger's site has. I wouldn't mind talking to Miki, amd Jaki and Irmin also.
   Keep the news comming. I love you all. 

Andrew Paine
Ithaca, United States
Also, I want to say I'm really looking forward to the concerts w/ Damo and Miki in NYC. Thanks for comming over.
    And what's with the rumor that Malcom Moony is releasing a new album? Malcom: what school do you teach in? I just finished my student teaching for art and I read that you are an art teacher in NYC.
Andy Gosling
Bradford, England
I've only been a CAN fan for just over ten years, I was too young to be an original fan. I can't wait for
the cool new stuff to come out to celebrate your anniversary. PLEASE do some more NEW stuff! Respect.

 i love can as well as the various solo projects the ex-members are involved in,
especially holger & damo!!!! i'm glad there is an environment such as spoon where creative artists like these
can thrive.
ps: are you familiar with "the thing/berlin"? this is an x-cellent on-line organization dedicated to supporting artist
of various mediums...check 'em out!!  :)

Ursula Hülsmeier
DK-2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark
Schön mal wieder was von Can zu sehen, die man zwar auch in Dänemark kennt, aber nicht so groß raus sind... 

Joly Jacques
Lyon, France
I discovered Can when I was very young (13) because at this time I was a big fan of Kraftwerk and I
was digging every german band i could find.I remember doing my homework while listening to Unlimited Edition and Soon Over Babaluma,so after all these years (i'm 32 now) i feel like CAN is a part of me.
I'm very glad about the video to come. Sorry for my bad english(i could have write in french) 

Monsieur Chellew
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Desde Sudamerica afectuosos saludos para los maestros de CAN y todos sus seguidores. In
Chile are a lot of Can´s fans and we are waiting for the next releases...
At the same that Jim Lawson said:
What about this new "old" release the live album:   when !!!!
What about the video: when!!!!!
What about the book: when!!!! ... Please, I want this!!! 

Michael S. Brown
audubon,n.j., usa
I'm within three cd's of completing my can collection; so I'm happy to here there will be new pursuits
upcoming.I have yet to find a Can album that I don't want to listen to again immediately
after each listening. 
Chad M. Graybill
Kensington, Maryland, USA
I need a spoon!
Just started to listen to Can,  GOD!  HELP ME!  I'M ADDICTED!!!
My taste in Brian Eno pointed me in the Can direction.
Can't get enough of jaki's drumming!  I've broken pencils on my desk while drumming along.  and Sacrilege is
great!  as great as the originals covered!!! 
aleksandar bancic
svetvincenat, croatia
Hello there,
I must say that your site is great.I'm happy that can still lives on the net and in our hearts. 
Jim Lawson
Kirkcaldy, Fife/SCOTLAND
What about this new "old" release   the live album   when !!!!
What about the video    when!!!!!
What about the book      when!!!!
Not to impressed by the Sacrilege remix album   how can you improve upon perfection?  Hope the albums out soon. Luck.

Ian Zapczynski
Levittown PA, USA
Wonderful to see this official page!!  So many great pics I've never seen before!  I'm very glad the band and members are still working together and I'm happy to see any and all merchandise being available. Like maybe a video of Can performances too... hint hint.  :)

Jeff Samanen
New York, USA
Can have changed my pants.  Many times. Malcolm Mooney is playing a solo show at Brownies in New York City on Thursday June 4th. Does anyone have any information on this? There's nothing about it on your News page. Is this all new stuff? Will there be an album? Will he play Can songs? Etc. Etc.

Malcolm Mooney replies
" The show at  Brownies has been cancelled. it was suppose to be at the Downtown music Gallery w / Elliot Sharp  etc. We have changed the date date as of this moment. Sometime between 6/1--6/14 I am doing a record autograph in store at the Downtown Music Gallery "

Brice Bowman
Walnut Creek, Address=USA
CAN  :      I really like the sounds you assemble.
Brice Bowman
Thanks Again and again!!

Sydney, Australia
I've posted something earlier, but now I want to come up with a suggestion to the webmaster : Why not turn this guestbook into a bulletin board ? I've enjoyed the bits where questions were asked and replies given, especially when replies came from band members. To turn this into a bulletinboard would maybe encourage people to contribute more in terms of questions and news.
it's in the hands of R&D as we speak- webmaster
Anyway, here my first bulletin entry :
I was very happy to find a link to the Damo Suzuki Network on these pages. I faxed them and I got a very friendly response. Now i am the proud owner of an autographed edition of Damo's CD "Vernissage". I think that CD is phantastic, I think it sounds like an amazing cross between CAN and "the Bhundu Boys"!!!! Damo's voice comes through beautifully, Jacki's drumming is great and the guitar and keyboards sound inspired and bubbly.

Aleksei Gnilitski
Rostov-on-DoN, Russia
CAN rulez and tears head right off !
Towerless. Musik pur.
Where can I get the lyrics of CAN-songs ?
My soul claims to sing along.
couldn't have put it any better myself -webmaster

Kevin Diletti
Sydney, Australia
The world's greatest band. 
Kane E. Naylor
Columbus, OH, USA 
I like the layout, and I especially like the fact that I can order the music if I need to.  I'm a huge Can fan (pre-krautrock kraze) and they're a big influence. 

Hadert von Dicke
Tomsk, Russia
How wonderful the official CAN site comes into existance! That's what I longed for since I first heard CAN.
That was a mysterious story also: it was about a year ago (I'm 20 now), when my friend told me his friend (whom I don't know) gave him a cassette of a great but practically unknown group. What's the name of the band? - I
asked. - CAN. - No I never heard about it. Why does your friend say they're so great? - Because their music has no bounds of such a silly thing named STYLE. - Can you lend me this tape for a while? - Surely.  The only sign on the cassette was "CAN'95". Later I found (via INet) that it was Cannibalism3. Now I have 7 albums (all that I could find in the stores, because I don't like ordering) and... I WANT MORE! So I want to THANK all the band members for the magic they brought to this world.
Waiting for a live release,
 forever your fan,
Saul Smaizys
Chicago, USA
One of my all time favorite bands. It was a great pleasure to play the music of Can on my radio show in Chicago during the 70's as well as meeting and interviewing Irmin. The visit to Inner Space during my trip to Germany in 79 was truly one of the highlights. The music of Can remains timeless and sounds as fresh and exciting as when I first heard it in 1970:) Hallelujah

Robin Deas
Thornton, Scotland
So glad to see this, and also so glad about the new interest in the band.
I saw them every time they played here in Scotland including what I believe was the last gig with Damo in Edinburgh in'72 and once when we saw them one night in Edinburgh and the next we saw them in Glasgow. I still have an autographed ticket! As a spotty teenager just getting to grips with playing in jazz bands, these were inspirational musical events, and completely changed the way I thought about how music could be structured and improvised, and apart from all that clever stuff, what it meant to put out a really big beat!! (And I still believe that is all you need). I It's strange for me because now it seems I can read much more about the band and what they think than was available then - maybe I looked in the wrong places. I'll be looking in often to check for new stuff and particularly about the rumoured 30th anniversary events in Berlin. If it happens, I'll be there! Thanks for letting me know about this site,
Good luck,
PS: will Jaki be playing with Jah Wobble in Glasgow? I plan to go anyway, but if Jaki is playing this will be very special.

Malcolm Riviera
Hickory, NC, US
Would like to find Can "Freeconcert 1972" video as excerpted on Tyranny of the Beat, thanks.
CAN rules.  
yukio goto
ohnojyo city higashiohri4-3-1-904. Japan
Banzai for good HP of you.

Eh, let me see... almost 17 years ago, when I blossomed as a teenager (lost my virginity too, ha ha), I found a copy of "Saw Delight" and bought it ("this must be progrock... and its cheap"). My gentle giantyears were full of hair and guitar-solos I never learnt to play correct (happily I found Fred Frith and gave up), anyhow, "Unfinished" is still my Can -favourite... is it going to be finished someday? Few years back, my neighbor knocked on my door and told me that you can go nuts by listening Can. True story... cross my heart!

On my way to Abamae

Jim Lawson
I can remember seeing Can when they toured Scotland many years ago and I have started to replace my well worn vinyl discs with the re-issued CD formats. The group were years ahead of their time.Great to have a web site dedicated to them Every Success in Future. 

Robert Jazz
27 Preston Street #1, Providence, RI 02906,U.S.A.
I can't tell you how excited to receive email from Hildegarde telling me the official CAN website was alive. For a band that I hold in such high regard as musical magicians, CAN still seems to have time to be accessible to their fans. I even received email from Holger!
I'm glad CAN is finding new fans every day - I am always turning people on to them, and everyone loves them. My first CAN record many years ago was 'Soundtracks' which I bought out of an interest in any strange unknown film music. CAN never dissapoints, and I always feel like I'm hearing their music as freash as the first time - true wizards of love.
I hope more CAN rarities and videos get released -- open up those archives!!
- Robert Jazz  

Kevin Patrick MacNutt
Dayton, Virginia, USA
 I'm glad to see that there is now an order form to make ordering easier. I am just writing again about a bootleg I recently heard of an extended version of "Little Star Of Bethlehem" with more lyrics and a different guitar overdub. I liked this version alot, athough the version I heard was most likely of a high tape generation copy of a master tape since it was in stereo, although it was hissy and bassy from being copied so much. There was also a completely different version of "Father Cannot Yell" also. Do the originals still exist? If so, will Spoon ever release them as a proper album or collection. These bootlegs are in high circulation, so they must be in demand and I think people would buy a higher quality Spoon recording, I know I would. I am awaiting paitently for Live 70's to replace my poor quality "Free Concert" album.

Miki Karoli replies:
hi kevin,
The tape you are talking about rings a bell...but i dont know how it got into circulation. The version of Little Star is obviously the unedited original, not with a different guitar overdub but just the full length version. Other versions/overdubs were not made as far as i remember. Father Cannot Yell: obviously the recording we made the very first day Malcolm came to the castle, in summer 1968, and the very first recording done with Malcolm.In the same session we did Nineteenth Century Man, the version that is on - is it Delay?  At the time i favoured that recording of father, but it was decided that there was much more potential in the piece and we did the version on Monster Movie a few days later. I don't think any of the two pieces are likely to be released in that form, Little Star was about 30 minutes long and edited by Holger because he found it too long, and I think that the primal Father was in too poor a tape quality to allow release. anyway, one never knows... Anyway i will forward your mail to Hildegard. What free-concert album do you have? Which pieces are on there and who made it and where? nice to hear from"

Dimitri della Faille

Isailovic, Yugoslavia
I'm very glad that exist one great page like this one,but I do have one comment: You should put some audio samples couse many people haven't heard some songs from Can.For example: here in Yu no one remembers those great ol' songs that changed history and face of modern music.  

dirk scab
Hallelueya starts playing on station XFM, 12.30 am 3/4/98 as I'm sitting here wondering what to write. Synchronise brainwaves. More CAN should be played from passing cars, loudly.
this is an idea which i wholeheartedly endorse  -webmaster, whilst completely engulfed in 'She Brings the Rain' 

Günter Wandtke
Sydney / NSW / Australia
For me as a CAN fan since 1973 this web site is my wildest dreams come true. The gallery is great, also to see "the old bones" of today. I was very happy to find informationon Irmins Gormenghast opera project and was happy to hear, that a film is going to be made. I just hope I'll be able to see this film here in Sydney or at least that it will be published as a video.
Wouldn't it be great to see this opera here live in theSydney operahouse ? This house is actually not reserved for classical music in a strict sense at all. There were performances of Yothu Yindi, K.D.Lang, folkloric festivals to name just a few. I'd be happy to spread the good word once the opera is out. I am German and saw CAN live twice in Germany, since 1987 I live here in Sydney.
CAN is known with quite a few people here in Sydney , and there is some record shops stocking your records. Unfortunately only the solo projects of Holger Czukay are available in shops so I'm looking forward to be able to purchase other solo CDs through your web site.  Your web site has a great start and I'm looking forward to the
different categories filling up.
Thanks a lot
                 Günter Wandtke

Holger Czukay
Can was a good group of pretty weird musicians I guess. Some of the members are married, one remained as a solo gangster and leads a club of chaos. Chaos. That happens to you when you are not married. Forks belong to forks and knifes to knifes etc. But the gangster with the initials J.L. had even attacked me with an axe. It was great moment to see how all the other musicians didn't do a dam to rescue William Tell Jr.
And how the story continues that's what we'll tell you on Christmas eve. I can see all the computer freaks sitting under the Tannenbaum or under the chimney with their brand new BMW roadster in front of their bed having turned on their computer machines and awaiting anxiously what comes after the axe attack.
Ok folks, hope you'll survive these few days till...William Tell Jr. is resurrecting.

Andreas Grunwald
Hannover  -  Deutschland
Hi! Na das ist doch was!!
Ganz dickes Lob an Thomas für eine wirklich gelungene Page.
Kevin Patrick MacNutt

Dayton, Virginia USA
I became aquainted with Can during the spring of 1995 when I was in the nearby town of Charlottesville, Virginia, while taking my fathers VW Corrado to a dealer for service. Afterward I ventured to a local music store where I purchased a copy of Monster Movie, which both disturbed me and blew me away at the same time. I did not know music like that was made in the late 1960's. Following that I purchased Anthology: 25 Years and Tago Mago and today own almost all of their material and several bootlegs of several concerts including one featuring short-lived British lead singer "Magic" Michael Cousins. All I need now is the upcoming live album, Peel Sessions, Out of Reach, and Rite Time and I'll be satisfied.
-Kevin Patrick MacNutt 
Ian Price

Can is my fave. Without Can, who knows what would've happened to music. Well, it'd definitely be on a different course that it is today. To think that such wonderful music came out of improvisation, four or five guys playing as they pleased. I'm lookinbg forward to all Can coming out in the future. I am wondering why The Peel Sessions isn't a Spoon record, but I could guess. Well, cheers!

Hi Hildegarde, Irmin et all.  I have written about Can, listened to Can and more importantly LOVED CAN for thirty years.  Love you all, especially Holger.  Nice entry William Tell Jr!!!!

Yurii Maravin, "Mar"
Dallas, TX, USA
Hey, people, CAN is one of my favourite bands and I like this music A LOT.It's fantastic, and great thanks for those who put this page on the internet. Bad that I wasn't born when this music was live. I wish I was living in 60-70's ....
Make love and stuff...

Yiannis Labrakos
I love CAN. Need to say more?
Yoo Doo Right!
Phil Turnbull

Thirroul / NSW / Australia
Without a doubt, one of the greatest bands to have graced on this earth. I've played, at the very least, one track of Can music every week since 1975 : always interested and constantly interesting. Long may their descendants reign...

Mark Longhorn
Hi! I am a major Can fan and I'm trying to find out about an album called 'Prehistoric Future'. Do you have any information on it?

Miki Karoli replies...
Hi Mark,
'Prehistoric Future' is not an album but a music-cassette of the very first concert CAN - before they had that name - did at Norvenich Castle, less than a week after we had first met, as far as i remember.
lineup: schmidt-czukay-liebezeit-karoli plus david johnson (tapes, flute, misc.) and manni loehe (screams, flute, misc., dance).

it is certainly an intersting document & was released on the french TAGO MAGO label in '80 something. if you get the new release of the CAN-Book(by andy hall & pascal bussy) that's soon going to be released or if you  already have the book you should be able to find out more detail about the concert.
have a good 

Michael F.P. Huber
Wien, Österreich
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesen wirklich gelungenen Seiten !
Liebe Hildegard Schmidt,lieber Irmin Schmidt - ich wünsche Ihnen noch einen schönen Aufenthalt in Wien !
Holger - ich hoffe wir sehen uns bald wieder
Herzliche Grüsse    Michael F.P. Huber 
Kevin MacNutt

Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA
 First: I was wondering if it is fact or rumor that in addtion to the "Live 1970's" album, there will be a collection of unreleased studio recordings from the Malcolm Mooney and Damo Suzuki era. Is this fact or fiction. I have almost all the Can albums and I want more!!!! And secondly is Spoon ever going to release "Out of Reach", I have personally not heard the album, although I have not heard the nicest things said about it. Is it that bad that Spoon has ignored it?

Manchester, England
Fantastic band - great site.  Good to see so much interest after all these years.  Can have always been a big influence on me. Drop in to the Big Block 454 web site sometime. Cheers, Colin 
Bob Duskis

San Francisco, USA
I'm a long time fan of Can and the members sos projects. It's exciting that there are new projects in the works.  Keep me posted!

Matti Salminen
Sippolantie 1 D, 46710 Sippola, FINLAND
Hi! Great to see the site is open! I`ll dive in...
---Matti, "Can`ed way back from seventies..."


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