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stephan hacker
köln, deutschland / germany
Can: Eins der ersten Stücke, die ich jemals bewußt gehört habe war Spoon (als kleine Junge den Durbridge-Krimi gesehen). Die Rückseite der Single hieß "Shikago Maru Ten". Ich glaube, Kruder & Dorfmeister haben genau diesen Track für ihren Remix von "Useless" (Depeche Mode) verwendet, oder liege ich da falsch?

Abgesehen von diesen Nostalgie-Ding: Can-Einflüsse finden sich wirklich überall und nirgends. Für mich die Brücke zwischen den Jahrzehnten, vor allem die United Artists-Platten. "Out Of Reach" ist die schwächste Platte, sollte aber doch auf Spoon zugänglich gemacht werden. Momentan kursiert eine Low Price-CD auf Universe bei 2001, die 5 Tracks enthält.

Stephan Hacker, Köln

birmingham uk
hi there i had hoped that the film "free concert" might have been filmed in braunschweig since i seem to remember that you did a free gig there.this was the first live gig i ever attended(not by choice my mum took me dont laugh the gig must have been around`70to`72 or so and i was born in `64).still great to see that you`re still the way how come jaki is credited on the last primal scream album but not listed as a musician ? what was his involvement? very good choice of band to get involved with though

Ulrich Kleinsteinberg
45468 Mülheim Germany
Betrifft: "OUT OF REACH" Ich finde es schade, daß es die Platte nicht mehr veröffentlicht wird. Selbst auf dem Second-Hand Markt ist diese nicht mehr zu bekommen. Ich habe den Eindruck, daß sich CAN von dieser Scheibe distanziert. In der Biografie (CAN-BOX) wird diese Scheibe nur in einem Satz erwähnt. Gerade weil diese Scheibe ein Flopp war, erscheint sie mir als interessant.

Hugo Espinosa Chellew aka Monsieur Chellew
Santiago, Chile
The video from the CAN-Box set will be available as single item soon.... WHEN????????...please..... DIGANLO NOW....

saludos desde Chile, SudAmerica.... Monsieur Chellew, Aqui.


Christian Rudolph
Cottbus, Deutschland
Somebody told me that some Can-CDs from the japanese (?) label Asteroid ("Unopened", "Mother Sky") are not bootlegs. Is that true ? If yes, why do they not appear in your discography ? Are they available anyway ? - Thank you for your great music, for your magic I cannot get enough of ! Christian

Ian Simpson
warrington, uk
nice site, good to see the can

Guy Stafford
Irivine,CA USA
I've always been a fan of Can.

London, England
Hello- Go here: to learn more about the LaughingMadcaps, eGroups, Syd Barrett Community. We have all the links under one location, files (including images and MP3), real time chat, interactive message, and more... It's a good bunch of folks too.

We now have THREE HUNDRED TWENTY MEGS of file storage space (more if we need it). I have been converting some of my ultra rare audio collection to MP3 and posting it (Syd's 1966 Home Demo, ultra rareness Chalk Farm 1967, Cambridge 2/17/67, BBC 9/30/67 & 12/19/67 both 2nd gen clones, 1974 tracks, Scotland 7/23/67, French EP mix 3/16/67- Interstellar Overdrive, ultra rareness Canadian BBC, 1966 interview with Syd Barrett, much, much, much, much, more... More to come too.)

We have all the links under one location! No more surfing for Syd! It's all there (even a Czech site!). Our membership will be passing JugbandNews within a few days. It not the same faces either. We have a former member of Stars as a Community Member (Syd's final band!). This is the ultimate Syd Barrett discussion & resources group!

We have a Russian URL for pirate Sonic Solutions software (real high end stuff) that is under heavy copywrite in the free world. Now you can CLEAN up that hiss & distortion! You'll get the complete Syd Barrett experience at LaughingMadcaps!

Join now!

Rolf Semprebon
Portland, Oregon USA
Hi Can fans, I'm doing a 2 1/2 hour show of Can's music on KBOO 90.7 fm community radio in Portland, OR on June 8(Weds night/thurs morning) at 3am PST. If you don't live near Portland you can listen to it at where they have the radio signal downstreamed on the Web. I've been a Can fanatic for about 13 years.

pahl, patrick
lichtstr 52 40235 düsseldorf, germany
i'm looking for one of your albums, delay 1968 on -vinyl- help me where i -----can--------- get it see address above good luck to you all peace

Wiktor Kwimsadze
Tbilissi, Georgia
Ich bin von georgia das ist ein land in caucasus hiergibt es vieles womit man sich amusieren kan. gibt es auch die menschen die ihre musik schetzen. ich mit meinen freunden spielen musik es ist interressant weil jedes mal gelingt uns etwas neues zu schaffen. besonders wenn wir die kreuter geraucht oder etwas ahnliches getan haben. jetzt wenn ich dieses text schreibe fuhle ich mich ganz wohl weil gestern eine gute abend gehabt habe. wir haben musik gespielt und viele neue ideen bekommen. eine davon war an ihnen brief zu schreiben. ich weis gar nicht ob sie dieses brief lesen werden oder nicht. ich sehe , vielleicht kan ich das alles deutsch nicht so gut aussprechen doch sage ich dass hier bibt es solche menschen die in guten bedingungen vieles gutes und interesantes schaffen konnen. hier kann man nicht so leicht etwas erreichen in musik weil die meste horer schrekliche hassliche sachen horen. jetzt bin ich schon mude von schreiben aber dann werde ich nochmalls schreib! en. tschuss!!!

The C A N Page
" One day, while listening to "Flow Motion," I noticed that Can was relatively scarce here on the web [...] " (The Can Page)

Andy Gower
Vancouver, Canada
Well, I just got into Can about six months ago. I bought Cannibalism after hearing all these great reviews and recommendations. It's an amazing album and an excellent introduction. I just purchased the first six albums and they sound pretty good so far. I hope Can or any of their members come to Vancouver soon. It'd be great to see them live.

lublin, poland
thank you CAN for your existing. Your music is for me a religion. When I listening you it is mysterium.

Miles "I've seen can over 50 times" Baigent
Glasgow, Scotland
Have just listened to Tago Mago and still think that "Halleluhwah" is the best ever of all music, as well as the rest of Can's repertoire.


p.s. When are Cab playing Glasgow? I can arrange a venue!!!!!!!

Xanadu, Kanguruland
Dear Nigel,

So that's where Holger has been hiding! I always knew he was trying to run away from me. That man will do anything to avoid giving food to Orson. Tomorrow I will fly to Wales and I'll eat a boatload of chips. Oh yes...

Nigel Gibbs
Cardiff, UK
Would Holger fancy a trip to Wales? the owner of a local chip shop is a dead ringer for him, i'm sure he would approve! Seriously, I would love to meet him.

Can fan since 1975. It was difficult to obtain Can records back then in the USA...But I bought Ege Bamyasi and Soon Over Babaluma NEW in the record bins!

Jez Hammond
Walkmill Cottage, The Green, Clun, Salop Uk
Saw Can in Wolverhampton, England in late 80's. Never to be forgotten. Consider the band to be one of the finest ever.

Ralf Schäfer
Muenster, Germany
The Solo-Projects live pictures are great! I'm still desperately searching for any Club Off Chaos release, but there's nothing to get in germany anymore. Please tell me if this great stuff will be re-released, or if I could get it in any other country... Thanks!

Andrew Hounsome
Lymington, Hampshire United Kingdom
I've been a fan for more years than I care to remember!

john gill
ronda, malaga espana
Great site, and I can see it's already growing, but what happened to the tago mago t-shirts?

greg dolezal
nashville, tn usa
Glad to know that psychedelic music is alive and well, only I get really upset when albums don't list the year in which they were produced. You don't want to see me when I'm angry.

George Parsons
Nevada City, CA US
Can are like a planet, I don't know if I could live there, but I love to visit. Malcolm Mooney & the Tenth Planet Malcolm Mooney & the Tenth Planet (Malcolm Mooney and mRm Publishing) Onetime Can lead singer Malcolm sounds really good, it’s great to hear him again after so long and to note that his Can-identity otherworldly aura is fully intact and radiating it’s mutable mojo. Oddly one of the few things here that doesn’t work too well is the cover of Can’s Father Cannot Yell, but in other places, just listening to him free associate his stoney mindflow on the spoken Dead End, the a cappella and musical versions of Ol’ Ship, the jazzbo-noir sinister Jack, the intense relentless Right Behind Time and the hallucinatory I Dream of You Mooney’s lunar vision shines brightly. DREAM Magazine

Werner Szedlacsek
Vienna, Austria
Sehr geehrte Spoon-Records,

warum wird in Ihrem CD-Katalog der Gruppe Can eine LP aus dem Jahre 1970, nmaens "Indian Summer - Panama Limited" nicht angeführt?



Peter Moser
Coquitlam, B.C. Canada
nice to see the band and its members still so active after all those years... your music is not only influential but timeless. and Irmin's Gormenghast makes me actually appreciate Opera... best to all of you and thank you for enriching my life with your music.

marseille, france
un groupe sublime et toujours surprenant. L'opéra de Schmidt est fabuleux…

We are Japanese instrumental progressive rock band "SHOW-YEN". There are 4 songs in our HP. Please listen to them, and send me your impressions.


Grigor'ev S.V.

Where can I get Damo Suzuki / The Can Lyrics on the net? Thank you,

with good wishes,
The Swedish band KOMEDA, huge CAN-fans. Check them out.

Andy Flett
Glasgow/Aberdeen, Scotland
Now that i'm on i have no idea what to say but Can kick ass and long may their influence live on.

Glasgow, Scotland
Have been listening to Can since '75 and apart from a few friends,hardly anyone i spoke to had heard of them (their loss). Only went online recently,pleased to see Can addicts spread so far and wide.Today's music is so insignificant by comparison.

Chad Graybill
Silver Spring, Maryland USA
i love can and even the stuff inside of it. more of everything.. all of it! more more more! don't stop EVER!!!! jaki ! more pluramon! miki ! just DO SOMETHING I CAN GET IN THE USA!!!! (and sing too!) irmin ! yes! you got it! go man go! si si si! holger ! how about a 'good afternoon story'?

hickory US
CAN are by far the most diverse and interesting group of musicians ever i have laid ears on

Sebastian Bullrich
Buenos Aires, Argentina
do you know what TAGO MAGO means or the origin

Jan Büther
St.Pauli Hamburg
CAN (Classic analog news) Inspiration und Leidenschaft

Jan Van Remoortel
Bella sella, Belgium
waiting for concert or underground party! Maybe in Belgium?

Sebastian Bullrich
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Where I can buy the video FREE CAN CONCERT

Paul Pennington
Dallas, Texas U.S.A.
can can

armin treitinger
nordbayern, germany
ich hab jaki liebezeit mal in köln gehört und gesehen, wo er monatlich einmal eine öffentliche session in einem club organisierte. gibts sowas ähnliches noch? bitte um antwort

Harry Pearlton Bridge III
Berkeley, California United States of America
taking time to play and laugh and excite - damo arigato

Anthony Roberts
Chattanooga, TN USA
Hello to many old friends and as always I'm just glad to be...Thanks

janos bosnjak
Just one question to ask,is there any Live recordings of PEKING O just one hell of a track which you seem to have neglected.Lets hope so over and out, Janos.

toshihiko kaneko
Osaka, Japan
I don't like can, I "love" can!
The CD looks and sounds great.what a remarkable achievement for Irmin.. Wish I could have seen it live!

Massimo Pilia
Brighton UK
Club Klang salutes the Can.

Simon Doughty
Turnford, England
Certainly a good site .Any possibility of a complete all in one discography including solo and appearances??


Doug Reith-Hart
Thanks for such prompt service.

It's only been a few days since I placed the order and already here I am enjoying Irmin's came in the mail today.

Thanks again

Luc Pilmeyer
Luttich/Liege, Belgium
Gormenghast is not only a milestone in Irmin Schmidt's career, it's a masterpiece in Music's History. 20th Century needed to wait for his last year to see his definite opera. I needed to wait for Gormenghast to appreciate opera. Thanks again Mr Schmidt

ian simpson
warrington uk
CAN The most influencial far reaching band in the last 30 years visit

yrokcih US

garry harlow
irmin where is the opera promised in may in london let us know whats happening

Lviv, Ukraine
Hope I'm first from Ukraine.Like your music before 1976 so much !! TThhaannkk Yyoouu !! Unlimited Edition is my favorite but I don't understand the meaning of title The Ukraine King. Especially why just ukraine ???? Special thanks to Mooney for his vocal.Pa-pa!/Bye on english/! Auf Viderzain!!

Melbourne, Australia
As was Caliban, I was totally enthralled by the Boxset video, having been starved of moving pictures of Can for so long! How strange and wonderful it was to see the frozen images on the Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi album covers come to life after 30 years! Caliban is right, it is time for Can Soundtracks 2! Yes, who is that child prodigy and unknown member of Can on the video? And can you also please sate our appetites by releasing unedited versions of all (or as many as possible) of the TV appearances/concert footage that featured on the Boxset documentary - perhaps combined with footage of past/future Can Solo Projects for those of us unlikely to see you live? It was very frustrating to have them cut out in midstream. Surely you can hear the chants ... and more, and more, and more ... ?

Dan Sørensen
Århus, Denmark
After my opinion, can was one of the greatest bands, ever existed........but i'm very sorry,that the old album's are very hard to get(on vinyl ofcourse) here in Denmark,the only possibility is to find them in second hand shop's here in Århus or copenhagen, but i'm not in Copenhagen very often. After my opinion the last REALLY CAN album was: Flow motion


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