Archived Entries 2003-2nd quarter
Just got finished watching the video from the Boxset. Amazed. All the things I didn't know about Can - the visual side...funny how different it is compared to what I always imagined it would be from listening all these years. There is so much music that I listen to a lot for awhile and grow tired of it because I know it all after awhile, but with Can I've been listening a lot for twenty years now and I always here something different - noticing how Michael's guitar is playing both lead and rhythm, and how they can sound as intense playing quietly as they do loudly. I can't say I ever thought of them as a Disco group, but after seeing the video I'm convinced they were the missing link between Abba and Giorgio Moroder. I do have a question about the video- who is the child in the Free Concert video? And, also, I wish that more of the Can music from movies would become available on disc...I am especially fond of the music for Wim Wenders 'Alice In the Cities.' In the words of Abba, Thank You for the Music! -Caliban

Renate Pankoke
Osnabrück D
Ziehe bald nach Köln und stöbere nach Informationen. Bin verwundert über diesen Link, weil ich zugleich ein später Can Fan bin.

Riccardo LolliWolfgang Wohlwend
Balzers, Fuerchtentum Liechtenstein
good! yes..

Melbourne, Australia
Beloved Can and devotees I'm thrilled to be here as I've wanted for so long to communicate with you. But now that it's happened, I don't really know what to say. Having first discovered Can in 1971 through Tago Mago, I'm still totally mesmerised, hypnotised, sensualised and enchanted by your music, all of it. What magic spell have you cast over me? What mystical powers do you all possess? The nature and effect of your music is at once so simple yet so complex, profound and ineffable. For me, listening to Can is like meditating on a musical mantra, the power of which lies in its capacity to free the mind of extraneous realities - it releases the power of imagination. No other music has ever achieved this effect so completely for me. Can is not easy. It demands total focus, concentration and commitment, both in its production and consumption. However once ingested, hooked forever ... so I shall take you to my grave and beyond ... Thank you Can for changing everything, and as Damo wailed so long ago, "we love you ..."

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Hearing Can music is almost as sublime as making love to the one we love. The best music in space, on land or underwater. Jesus would carry Can music ( and Stereolab's and Eno's too!) in his walkman in order to get inspiration these days. I'll need Can forever!

Riccardo Lolli
Monghidoro (Bologna), Italy
Great site, great records, great band, great men, great music. I hope you'd allow me to say CIAO to my friends Bettina, Monika, Gabi and many others in Solingen (please contact me). Long Live Can

Santa's Workshop       Christmas Trees

Andy Goz
Merry Christmas,
Hello, I just wanted to wish you and everyone else at spoon  all the best for Xmas and the New Year.
Thank you for the "Silent Night" mp3, I've played it non stop. I so much enjoy downloading interesting and unavailable songs.


Howard Earl
Lyme Regis, UK
Having been a Canniballist for a long time (including Canaxis 5 by mail order in 197?? and seeing Can live around the same [Tago Mago] time) perhaps I qualify to sign the guestbook.

Neumann, Alexander
Frankfurt/Main, Deutschland

Jon Limbert
London, UK
When are Can going to play the UK again, with Holger ?

Ulli Putsch ( Ullip)
Solingen, Germany
Hallo Hildegard!
Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie alles gute zum neuen Jahr und schöne Weihnachten. PS. ich habe gerade das Sacrilege Book gekauft aber es gab keine Kassetten mehr. vieleicht kannst du mir da weiterhelfen.
Grüße Ullip

Christopher Knight
Ottawa, Canada
yes, thank you for all nice music

melsungen, germany
the best musicans i ever heard happy new year for all
mario 12,1999

1-sein Zentale
music we like it

Graham Shore
I think the track is the one released on 12" 45 in the 80's - but I have passed on the message to my friends who don't have this track! Christmas trivia question - was Mother Upduff a real babe in her prime? Best wishes and Merry Christmas to all at Spoon Records and Can.

Mathias Fallert
Achern, United States of Germany
hallo hildegard, prima idee, bin gerade beim download, bin gespannt wie´s klingt. bis demnaechst meint mathias ;-)

Conny Olivetti
Västerås, Sweden
Hi! Nice to finally get hold of "Silent night"! Looking forward for more offers like that one! I've listening to Can since 1974 and never gets tired of the music. Ok, merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone!!!

Harry Eijkemans
The Netherlands
Thanks you so much Thomas, brilliant idea. Happy Christmas to you and Hildegard Schmidt and a golden New Year.

201 LM Motoyagoto,5-68 Tempaku-ku Nagoya 468-0066 JAPAN
Dear Thomas, Thank you for your message for "Silent Night". It is great tune. Espeially Michael's guitar compare with Robert Frippis beatiful.I like this sound. Spoon records should be re-release this song in cd single and 12" vinyl format with other unreleased track. Wish you were very merry christmas.

Ivan kolin
Praha, Czech Republic
Yes, I'm quite satisfied with CAN LIVE !!!By the way, could you sent me songs worlds your excellent (LP)CD Tago Mago. Ivan Thanks

Ipswich England , U.K.
I cannot believe that I missed out on Can first time round. Where was my head then!!!

Andreas Tscherenew
Köln, Deutschland
Thanks for all the hours,I was sitting on my Hi-Fi,listening to uncreadible things that happened in my boxes... Sorry for my english... and greating from all russian fans

Matt Jarvie
Rochester, USA
I am a huge fan of Can,yet I am quite young in comparison to most Can fans. I got heavily into Cans music about 4 years ago,when I was 15. The music just blew me away. I knew right then these guys were geniuses. I think that Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi are probably the 2 most psychedelic sounding albums of all time. The music is so rich you can close your eyes and the music takes you away to another world practically. I was wondering if drugs such as LSD had any influence on cans music,especially their early work? The music sounds so dense and heady it is almost like a psychedelic experience in itself. If someone could answer my question that would be great!

Yoshihiko kamei
Tokyo, Japan
Thank You, Re-issue of CAN live. I,m Waiting For Videos 'can-Documentary & CAN-Free-Concert.

Manchester, England
Great site, very interested to learn about Can members' solo projects. Check out the Big Block 454 site sometime - we're very influenced by Can and Faust. Cheers, Colin


stephen stokes
austin, texas united states
I bought Ege Bamyasi when I was twenty years old---I still play it. I am delighted to know that Can plays live again!! Will you come to Texas, or do I need to go to Germany??

Michael Gruber
Gothenburg, Sweden
I learned from the Forced Exposure site (in the US) that Spoon/Mute has released 4 Can albums on vinyl (Cannibalism, Monster Movie, Tago Mago, and Ege Bamyasi). I wonder why these are not offered for sale at the spoon records site (here)? Thanks in advance for an answer. Great site by the way!!

melbourne, australia
you doo right!definitely!!

eric genevois
hello i m french and Im looking for the lyrics from mary,so contrary ( monster movie ) can you help me ? thank you

Simon Turner
Brighton, UK
The box set. It put it all into perspective.

sheffield, england
hello spoon folk can one access Can lyrics anywhere?

Kris Spencer
Birmingham, MI USA
I just got the Can Box and it was well worth the indulgence. The video is very entertaining, especially the concert footage at the end. The book is thorough, but frustrating to read due to the design. The live CD has some great moments.

It's a very worthy addition to the Can library.

KURODA, Haruyuki
Matsuyama Dogo-Kitashiro 6-7-705 Japan
Ich bin hier am Rand von Japan als Deutschlehrer taetig. Ich stelle den Studenten als ein gutes Beispiel von German Rock immer CAN vor. Wenn Ihr einen Deutsch-Japanisch-Uebersetzer braucht, dann kann ich helfen. Viel CAN-Spass!

Kristopher Spencer
Birmingham, Michigan USA
I'll never forget the first time I heard Can. It was "Mushroom" and it blew me away.

Momtchil Niolov
Yo, Can is the best group ever because they developed a unified theory of groove.Listen to Jaki's cyclical drumming and holger's morse code bass counterpoint,subtle.I was dissapointed to hear that the Can members played seperately in Cologne, they should get together and come to New York or somewhere on the East Coast of U.S.A. You have thousands of fans here. Bye. No one can do it as well as you. Great site.

Klaus Unland's Can Page
Meine Can-Page mit vielen guten Informationen!

Hamburg, Germany
Großartige Seite, schön gemacht. Die Märztour war klasse, habe euch in Hamburg mit Damo Suzuki gesehen! Und die Can-Box hat mir auch schon einige schöne Stunden beschert, ebenso wie das Sacrilege-Album! Ich hoffe, ihr seid noch viele fette Jahre lang kreativ, nachdem ihr seit über 20 Jahren eine meiner Lieblingsbands seid!

Adrian Smith
Luton, England
Excellent website, but that's not the real reason I came. I am trying to find out the correct procedure for clearing the use of samples from CAN works (ie: a looped drum part from VITAMIN C) I have already used it, but as an un-published work. Please advise. I've been a CAN fan since MONSTER MOVIE, owning everything I can get my hands on, so I hope you'll see that I'm not just a grave-robber. Adrian Smith

Daniel L
Chemical Valley, Canada
the new page looks great! time to save up the the tin can. Can where and still are THEE most influential band to have walked this earth

Akira Nakano
Osaka, Japan
Today I knew the fact that CAN BOX will be released. Hoo... I immediately ordered it on this site. I can't wait to get it. Anyway There are a lot of fans in Japan. I was understood by this ML that CAN had many fans all over the world.

Tony Glaser
Summerville,South Carolina USA
It all brings back memories . . . having promoted the Can concerts at the University of Sussex in the 70s (including the one on the forthcoming new release . . somewhere I have my own bootleg stereo tape of the whole gig, and if I can find it, it will be interesting to compare!). A great website - but it would be nice to have some sound clips too!

Eric van R.
Rotterdam, Holland
Can fan since '72 and listening still. Reed the book by Bussy enjoyed it verry much. Buying all there is with Can on it.

peter pralat
Daventry, England
brilliant! At last the live recordings made available. thanx

david pontin
bristol, britain

Gunter Wandtke
Sydney, Australia
Please, could anybody who saw any of the anniversary concerts post a review here for us poor devils who could not go ?

Graham Stanley
Barcelona, Spain
It was great to finally see CAN on video - showed me a totally different aspect of the group.

Fred Mills
I'd say keep up the good work! It's one of the most interesting, easily navigated, sites I've seen lately.

Thanks for the link!!!!!!
You are all Gentlemen

London, UK
This is a long awaited treat for me,a really good website.I can't wait to eareye arround the Box set.Thanx guys.

Larry Snead
Phoenix, USA
Truly timeless music that hasn't dated a bit.


Adam Murphree
Knoxville, TN USA
Love the site! I (pre-)ordered the Can Box a while ago, any updates on its release? I've been waiting years for it =)

adrian gurney
Hamilton, Canada
I am very interested in this band and their history. I am a dj a the college where I study music. Although very new to me, this band seems to influence me already. If possible I would like to recieve info on Can and other Spoon bands. (

85 South Parade, NORTHALLERTON DL7 8SJ
recently bought tago mago on cd via "the sunday times" and it had the email address on it. this brought back memories of seeing can in1971 at leicester university and at leicester poly in 1974 and nearly in hull in 1976 but finally in doncaster in 1978? a fine imaginative band finally getting recognition for their efforts

Simon Turner
Brighton, England
I am very glad this site exists. Can have had a major influence on my life (I was going to say that they were my favourite group, but that is too mild). I have been listening to Can for about 25 years and i can quite honestly say that no other music has ever had any where near as profound effect on me. So profound that I have just spent 80 quid in the Can store..... oh no...... One thing I have to mention... many of the images in the gallery are broken. I hope they can be restored as I would dearly love to see them.

Ben Morgan
Philadelphia, USA
Will this video be available in U.S. format? As part of the new generation of Can fans I am quite excited to be able to see what those early freak-outs were like. If you are reading this guestbook please take the time to click on the link to my band's website (Bergheim 34).

NOTE: PAL and NTSC copies are available.

Brian Brown
Thank you for the great site devoted to this music organism CAN. I do have a question about a possible future release. I have an eighth or eighteenth generation bootleg of the Doko E session on tape that contains the music made both before and after the section released on UNLIMITED EDITION. Is there any possibility of an offical release of this? If this was widely avaliable it would become quickly a staple for the beat market.

Thanks again.


Tom Krailing
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
where can i find the lyrics of soul desert? where i get some information about the studios in k–ln and south france (costs, technic etc)? thanks tom

Richard Haselhurst
Fort Lauderdale, USA
used to hitch-hike all over england to Can Concerts back in the early seventies.Met the band once in Manchester,keep bumping into Bobby Hickmott and met Andy Hall in Croydon.I have an old cassette somewhere with a Bradford concert which had a PA fault that Micky skilfully used in the music.

Henning Andreas
Nice site, nice music, nice guys. I am looking forward for the March-tour.

Looking forward to hearing the Can live set. For me the music is still fresh and adventurous.


John Suk
Norwalk, USA
I would like to say thank you to all the members of Can for the wonderful music you have, are, and will make in future. I especially like to read the stories about Kenji Suzuki, and how he was so in the the live shows, that people would actually run away. Please Please Please make more of your stuff available in the U.S. We need more things like Can over here, if you do, I will buy the box set and a t-shirt (hint hint hint) But thanks for what you are giving us. And keep the great work!!

Andreas M FCller
Solingen, Germany
Club Off Chaos rules Even because they have dedicated a song to me Who do you think is the godlike A.M. And all by the way Id give you a small test of Bergisch-Land-Gedichte There is a bride in our simple room aroving here and honouring the art I think shes married with agod she blooms like evergreen from which we are apart... Nice greetings from B.Polonski and myself and good efforts from Andreas M FCller

Sean Robert Klagstad
648 South J. Street Richmond Indiana, United States Of America
I am an avid fan of Can and also an improvisational musician myself. I do not think most people realize how Can and other true german industrial bands Faust Amon Duhl Etc. have influenced the direction of rock and ALTERNATIVE music. I think this web page is great and I hope it will help turn more music listeners on to the roots of Improv Industrial and ALTERNATIVE rock and roll. Thanks to all members of Can past and present

Whats happening with the Schmidts top Sherpa!!!

Gerry Taylor
Glasgow, Scotland
Please can somebody tell me when and where the Can concerts will be held this year? Will Spoon be organising tickets for purchase in the UK? Any update on the release of the Can Box? For 25 years Can have been my musical inspiration. I saw them play in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and London between 74 and 76. I have to be in Germnay this year. Just tell me when to come!

Daniel Rozenknop
Moscow, Russia
MashroomHead OhYea... I like CAN and all about - it's out offfff words, and sometimes its very difficult to understend texts. PEOPLE! Send me please ('cos, if you CAN) something of CAN texts (from SOUNDTRECS for example). ThankYou. C

Paul Frank Hawxwell
Sheffield, England
Hi, Just a thought: Was Mother Upduff a BABE?

ian cartwright
asheville, US
Can are and will always remain a truely inspirational and peerless example of freeform invention

Lutz Aldinger
Hennef Cologne Germany
CAN ist ganz grosse zeitlose Musik

Russ Reid
New Brighton, England
I thought I was one of the youngest people to see Can (aged 13 at Liverpool Stadium) but Holger told me he saw them even earlier than me! My friend Nigel Barrass was even younger than me. Does anyone remember queueing outside that place and people throwing bottles onto the roof without anyone knowing where they'd land?

Alex Barnes
Fountain Valley, California USA
I began listening to Can in 1972 when I heard part of Monster Movie in a record store and immediately became one of a very small handful of Can aficionados in Orange County, California. I am continually amazed at how well the early Can recordings have aged. They sound as seething, spontaneous and organic now as they did twenty-some years ago (especially the Suzuki-era recordings). You helped to shatter my limited perception of the possibilities of music and life in general, and I owe you guys a profound if utterly unquantifiable debt. I wish you the best of success with SpoonRecords and future ventures.

Electro Barbarian
You know wtat I just played at MUSIC GALLERY. And then, MALCOM MOONY came up to me to say "You are great."......!!I was so happy!! Anyway can you check my site? Tank you.bye.

Jon Marshall (Silver Altman)
London, United Kingdom
Very well produced web site


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