Archived Entries 2004 - 4th quarter

thanks to can for what they did to music! your dvd is awsome ...!
A; Gordon
Glasgow, Scotland
I've just finished watching the Can DVD which I was given for my birthday. What a lovely present! I cannot say how much I enjoyed watching this.It was also really nice to find out a little about the personal lives of Can. I was very moved by the award ceremony shown on the DVD and I very much enjoyed seeing Hildegard Schmidt step out of the shadows to take her rightful place !

Frau Schmidt, we all - Can fans - have so much to thank you for.

As for Michael, it was also really nice to see his wife on the disc and to know that he'll live on in the hearts of his children, his wife and last but not least in all of us any who listen to the music he and the others made.

Al Gordon
What a band !! Last night I showed to some friends of mine the video of the free concert in COLOGNE from 1972, and we were impressed that the band sounds so modern and without looking at the pictures but just by listening we were almost sure that Can could be a nowadays band. Irmin SCHIMDT is simply wonderful, never saw a keyboard player so minimalistic great (hypnotic and real). the sounds man, only the sounds make great music. Electro, industrial are all inspired by them. techno rednecks never have created something they just are robbers and failures (no charisma, no invention...)
Sarah Brendela
Last year I worked at the TACHELES Garden-Cocktailbar and CAN was played everyday by one of us...Thank my ex-chef Tom for showing me the music of can!!! I'm only 23 years now, i'm sorry about that it wasn't my time in the 70th...
how much is a mint orig. "limited edition" lp worth?
i was huged by damo suzuki at a show in seattle wa. crocadile cafe. ill never forget it
CAN is the best groop of krautrock, an best regards to can fans
I'm from Spain; my english is bad, bad, bad. I have a question: What is de main song of the film Alice in den Städten [WIM WENDERS, 1974]??

Thank you, Marina
Vancouver, Canada
Hi all

Forgive me posting a piece of crass commercialism, but I thought someone here might appreciate this: I have for sale a pristine condition copy of the rare collectible "CAN BOX" including 2-CD live set, 400+ page book and 130 minute+ VHS video - AND - I'm willing to part with my companion copy "The Can Book" by Pascal Busy. I'm negotiable on price - if interested please email me at

Frank Paul
BCN - Spain
i love CAN 30 years ago. i like a lot of music, but anything like CAN. Their music is in my life forever...
Galiza, España.
Llevo sólo un mes disfrutando de Can y por lo que veo somos muchos los que compartimos ese placer.¿Puede alguien decirme si tienen pensado tocar en España?
Merlín Menéndez
I'm only have one month feeling and listening the Can experience but iI feel so good, really one Band to enjoy my mind.....
heijo laukamp
es muss so 1966-68 gewesen sein, da gab es in münster eine studentenbar, das weisse lamm, da spielten wir als schüler nachts modernen jazz, unten im keller des weissen lammes. zum Stammgast und mitspieler gehörte michael karolie, ein damals schüchterner, experimentierender gitarrenspieler mit ganz eigenen vorstellungen vorstellungen von musik und sounds. wir haben uns leider aus den augen verloren, nachdem er richtung köln gegangen war. schade, dass er nicht mehr lebt. ich hätte ihn gerne wiedergesehen. er hätte sich sicher gerne an diese experimentierfreudige, verrückte zeit erinnert. ....wollt' ich nur mal mitteilen.
Alexander Verevkin
Can - muzika kotoraya vedet
Hallo Can,
schön dass ihr den Echo für euer Lebenswerk bekommen habt, den habt ihr euch redlich verdient. Schade dass Michael Karoli das nicht mehr miterleben konnte... ich habe auch alle fünf (inclusive Damo Suzuki) zum Glück noch live 1999 in der Großen Freiheit in Hamburg erleben dürfen, das war eines meiner schönsten Konzerte... ich hätte euch gerne mal live in den 60/70s erlebt, aber da war ich noch zu jung. ;-)
Alle Gute und frohes Schaffen für die Zukunft, Mike (seit 25 Jahren Can-Fan!)
mr egg
No303,Bassline Rd,Sync City,DV C9,303land
A friend of minegg put Can on @ Stirling Uni,Scotland in thegg 70,s.I was not theregg.
By thegg way i dont takegg mushrooms,only
EGGJOY x x x
crap, I have wasted so many of my years.. I wonder before a person dies if they hear the entire CAN catalouge flash through their ears rather their life in front of their eye sockets
Mika Martini
Santiago de Chile, America del Sur
Desde un rincón del mundo eles mando un saludo a los fanaticos de CAN. Estoy leyendo el libro en estos momentos mientras escucho Ege Bamyasi y pienso cuando vendrán por estos lados Mr.Holger... ya vi al gran Jaki tocando con Flanger en Santiago... ¿Irwin & Kumo no se animarán a viajar al sur..?

saludos, Mika martini
nowhere in the USA
one of my favorite memories of Can was a tme a friend and I drank mushroom tea and walked through woods to a waterfall - listening to Can on cassette - Unlimited edition. The sun set and we had to hike out by candlelight and moonlight - and Can.
Krzysztof Kamiñski
Warszawa Polska
Ktos musial w koncu stworzyc takie dzwieki . CAN thank YOU
Saul Smaizys
Sweet Home Chicago
I played a lot of Can on my FM radio show in the 70's and now I even play more on my Internet radio station that can be heard 24/7 at
will buy cd from 1986:
Holger Czukay, title Blessed Easter, from CD
Rome remains Rome
Who can help ?
Can rules!!!
Mika Martini
Santiago de Chile, America del Sur
Desde un rincón del mundo eles mando un saludo a los fanaticos de CAN. Estoy leyendo el libro en estos momentos mientras escucho Ege Bamyasi y pienso cuando vendrán por estos lados Mr.Holger... ya vi al gran Jaki tocando con Flanger en Santiago... ¿Irwin & Kumo no se animarán a viajar al sur..?

saludos, Mika martini
i love mother sky more than my real mother.
this is my top 5

1. future days
2. soundtracks
3. delay 1968
4. ege bamyasi
5. tago mago
New York
I am a bit confused.Is it possible to buy items via "snail mail" anymore?
One of the most innovative groups on this earth. My first experience was Monster Movie and when i heard Tago Mago I was sold :) You are great and i'm greatful your music still(and always will)gives the good vibes!
andrew garton
two days ago i saw for the first time video recordings of CAN from 1972 and 1974... as a musician, as a composer, as a performer i was entirelly smitten... i have been a CAN fan since the early 80s when i was first introduced to their music by robert iolini, who played bass and guitar in Lingo Babel, the band we had at the time. seeing these videos my respect for CAN has shot through the roof. what i thought we were doing at the time, keeping within the spirit of improvisation and deep listening and collaboration pales in the face of what i have just been exposed to... that said, i am inspired to continue on my own journey with sound and music and will do so knowing there is a legacy that continues to unfold from the CAN camp, that continues to enlighten me all those years on...
Bjorn Hannestad
Listening to Can is good for your spine.It`s the only band I never get tired of.Tago Mago/Ege Bamyasi/Future Days/Babaluma are the best but Soundtracks has some really cool tunes and Landed has Unfinished and now I listen mostly to Monster Movie....Heck, buy all their albums
guy mugu
good site. keep on the good work. G keep off.
Stefan Graham
Tulare, Ca
Jaki L. is easily one of the greatest drummers of all time. CAN rules!
ShiChang Hou
New Zealand
Can is my favourite band ever, the drum is such powerful that i reckon it's one of the best ever.
Lynne Hinson-Platt
Cape Town
Hi If anybody knows Max Loderbauer and has an e-mail add for me please send it as I am an old friend living in Cape Town and would love to hear from him. The last time I saw him was before I left Munchen in 1989. I know that this is kind of strange on a site like this but he worked on a couple of albums under this label programming the fairlight. Thank you Thank You Thank You. Lynne
Sydney, Australia
Great site on a band I recently discovered, but should have earlier. Tago Mago/Ege Bamyasi/Future Days is the greatest one-two-three punch in music history (not forgetting The Stooges and The Velvet Underground's first three, though).
Yoshihiro Soga
oh my god !!
I am can's maniacks!
very very love love!!
my image for can I am lucky!
so meat to CAN!!
I'm musician!
I want to play with can's member good bye!
Udo Dietrich
51069 Köln
Habe meine beste zeit mit eurer Musik verbracht.Wird es einmal eine DVD von der Band geben??? Ihr würdet eine Lücke in der Musikgeschichte schließen.
Monster Movie reisst mich noch immer vom Hocker.Gruß Udo
Hi, Werny here,

ich liebe CAN seit ich denken kann

Aber die Site iss einfach TOO COMMMMERCIAL.
Stanley Clarke bietet wenigstens noch
Live Videos an.For Free!
Where are The People realllly??
Danke für "PERSIAN LOVE" Holger.
Waren und Sind seeeeehr schöne Momente in meinem Leben!!

Grüße an Alle !... CAN Freaks

Werner auch Werny genannt.....

greatest band in existence ege bamyasi is the best album ever made joint with tago mago
Guyman Mugu
I dont land here Ohhhhhhhhhhhh
KeepOff !!!!!!!!!!!
I love this site
Benjamin Popp
France. Ardèche
Hi, Tago mago is one of the best records I've ever listened to.
julie cook
juste une petite ponsée à Michael. Merci...
what is the best can album ever?
Messina, sicily ITALY
CAN are my favourite group!
I Love you...
JAKI IS MY HEROE!!!!!!!! the best drummer in the world.
salud also for DAMO(i am damo suzuki), HOLGER, IRMIN!! and MIKI, i learn my istrument only for you.
my english isn't well.
one of the best rock band ever
Can will always be an advanguard band, never get bore of its music.
Would like to know more about Mooney.
Let's dance the can can !
Ernst Fall
Kenn`se Can? Nich Can the Can, des kenn`mer vun spetter. Can yu anderschtänd?
– Seit meiner Jugendzeit ist Can für mich immer eine der inspirierensten und abgefahrensten Bands geblieben und ich danke allen Musikern für den wildwachsenden Strauch, den sie in die Köpfe pflanzten, und den wir gern freiwillig bereit waren ihn dort weiterwuchern zu lassen! Can waren ihrer jeweiligen Zeit immer voraus und viele andere wären ohne sie nie aus den vermoosten Bunkern 1000 Jahre geplanter deutscher Spießigkeit in der gedanken- und gedenkenaktiven Zukunft von heute angekommen. Liebe Grüße an alle Erdenbewohner, die für mich zu meiner großen Menschheitsfamilie gehören. Es gibt keine Grenzen mehr. Es gibt keine Staaten mehr. Es gibt nur noch die große Aufgabe, die Gehirnfestplatten der Ewig-Gestrigen zu löschen und mit Toleranz neu zu bespielen. Eben Can. Alles Gute! Ernst Fall.
Antwort für deirdre nevermann
pam lala 2: Die Sängerin, um die es sich handelt ist vermutlich Phew. Sie ist aus Vietnam und singt auch auf einem von Holgers Soloalben...
i love can. can is my wife.
ian smithson
long live can
Bernhard R Kloepper
Toronto Canada
Habe als immigrant nach Deutschland in Tatort verliebt.dann hoerte ich spoon gespielt von Can.Der Film wurde in den spaet 60zigern und early 70bzigern gespeilt.. Kann(sorry about the pun) die Musik heute bestellen ??
gruss aus Canada
FA: Damo Suzuki CDs..

Damo Suzuki's Network - Jpn Ultd Vol1
Damo Suzuki's Network - Seattle (2CD)
Damo Suzuki Band - P.R.O.M.I.S.E. (7CD)

Harald Grosskopf
Hi Jaki, Hi Boris, Hi Dirk,
einen Gruß von dä schäl Sick!!
Schöne Page übrigens!
Hoffe man sieht sich bald mal wieder!!
Harald Grosskopf

CAN - one of the most important groups in my life.
I thank Spoon Records!
schöne Seite.
Schaut doch mal bei uns vorbei und tragt euch in unser Bandverzeichnis ein.
Euer Team
Hai Can,
mich hatte es fast von den Socken gehauen-als ihr beim Eche 2003 ausgezeichnet wurde. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!! Ich sass unweit Eurer alten Wirkungsstätte in Weilerswist.

Dabei fiel mir ein, dass ich in meinen jungen Jahren early 70th samstags 2-3 mal ins local Jugendheim getigert bin und dort ehrfürchtig einen Konzertfilm von euch sah (große Fimrolle). Ich glaube es war in einer (Kölner???) Uni. Damo ganz in rot. Warum gibt es solch oder auch andere filmischen Zeitdokumente von The Can nicht auf DVD. Überlegt doch mal. Hey Jaki,
In den 80er habe ich im Kölner Stolli Musik gemacht und Dich noch ein bißchen mitverfolgt. Deine Beats sind die hypnotischsten!!!!!

...and we love you.
Steve Dixon
Steve Dixon
Jumping Off Point
I went to see Free in 1971. The sound engineers played all of Tago Mago before the gig - unannounced.

"Does anybody know who this is?"

A week later John Peel played a track on Radio One and I missed the intro.
The track finished, Peel named the song, album and band. Next day, last record shop in town. C for Can.

Bought the album and went straight to my friends' house. We put it on and went outside to play football on the lawn, with the windows open.

The stereo exploded. We did the diismay look and legged it back inside expecting smoke, fire and wreckage.

No, no it was a nuclear explosion on the record.

Can you were one of my jumping off points.
what happened to the "On the way to the peak of normal" track on the same cd? I've had the original on vinyl and cassette so I can tell you that there is a fault in the mastering. If the original tapes were damaged then why isn't it indicated on the cover. I exchanged the disc 4 times to be sure. Despite the high price i couldn't live without it. ode to perfume is the most beautiful piece of music I've ever heard. Why is it so difficult to find Movies on cd in the shops? I don't trust mail order in france as I had a parcel of 30 cds go missing. Still, keep playing!
This is one really cool site.
Thanks for letting me on it
Thomas Waxweiler
Loreley and Frankfurt
Hallo CAN
Ich bin Musiker (vocal).
Mit Musik beschäftige ich mich seit den 70er Jahren. Seit 1977 spiele ich in diversen Bands. Anfang der 80er Jahre begann ich mit Musik zu experimentieren.
Spielte Bass und Gitarre. In dieser Zeit lernte ich auch Bands wie: Phantom Band, Czukay, Czukay Sylvian,kennen und schätzen.

Dann sah ich die Echo-Verleihung und freute mich für CAN. Leider fehlt ein wichtiges Mitglied von Euch. Das ist Michael Karoli, den ich für einen sehr guten und von seinem Spiel höchst interessanten Gitarristen halte. Sehr bedauerlich, das er nicht mehr dabei sein kann. Durch diesen Auftritt von Euch, auf dem Ihr leider nicht gespielt habt, was aber bei dieser Veranstaltung auch Perlen vor die Produzenten-Mafia bedeutet hätte, habe ich mich auf die Suche nach Can-Musik gemacht. In einem kleinen Platten- und CD-Laden hier in Frankfurt wurde ich tatsächlich fündig. Ich habe mir Cannibalism 1 gekauft und muss sagen, dass eure Musik fantastisch gut ist. Das die Aufnahmen fast 30 Jahre zurückliegen, hört man diesen Sounds nicht an. Ein Kompliment an Euch alle für die Art, wie Ihr neue musikalische Wege gegangen seid. Ich danke Euch für diese musikalischen Erlebnisse und wünsche Euch, all das, was Ihr Euch wünscht.

Vielen Dank und macht weiter

Liebe Grüsse

Bärbel Koschnitzke
schönkirchen bei kiel/germoney
Herzlichen Glückwünsche von hier an Euch alle zum Preis für Euer Lebenswerk. Das war längst überfällig. Traurig, daß Michael Karoli tot ist. Das wusste ich bis vor kurzem gar nicht. Da sieht man mal wieder, daß man ohne Computer zu Hause gar nix mitkriegt. .... aber die Seite 1 von Tago Mago ist immer noch genau wie damals, 1975, als ich sie das 1. Mal hörte, meine absolute Lieblingsseite von Can. Viele Grüße von Babs.
Alasdair Dickson
North London
Great to find the Spoon site. Is there any chance that Spoon will re-press the Can albums on vinyl again?
FM Moses
U.S. of Ohio
It's great to see a site focused directly on Can and the side projects. There is so much information here. I feel like a just took a course on Can (CAN 101). The only big disappointment here is that Miki Karoli has passed (this is my first visit to this site & this is new news to me). Why isn't there more info on Mooney???
bill lacey
greetings all can fans.I haven't seen the album 'Limited Edition' in any discography.Cover shows white mice in a dolls house and the tracks are as 'Unlimited Edition'.How rare is this - can anyone advise??thanks - Bill Lacey
wir sind zwar nicht die Red Hot Chilli Peppers, aber ebenso Can-Fans wie die. Also auch von uns: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Echo!!! Ihr habt ihn wahrlich verdient.

Grüße von
verspielte zeit
Boucher Olivier
2000fr par mois à Nantes T1 bis
Ich spreche nicht deutsch weil ich fransozich bin aber ich kann gesagt da$ can ist meinen favouriten rockes groupen und daç scmidt& kumo sind very gut( ich sah them in nantes "obliques lu nights") ich liebe can und experimentisch muzik, can ist meine way of life, sie sind der bestest musicianen auf ze world, ce sont les plus beaux und les plus gentils et comme le dirais julien clerc (julian klerk in deutsch):"can, je vous aaaaiiiiiimmmmeeeeuu!!!!!"
("can,ich liebe du!!! in deutsch)
guten tag!
Jens Wittmer Rechtmehring Hallo, wir danken Euch für die wunderbare, kreative Musik, die uns fast tägl. Freude bereitet und uns den Alltag vergessen läßt. Den Tod von Michael Karoli bedauern wir sehr!
Leider konnten wir ihn Live nie bewundern, da wir wegen Mangel an Internet keine Ahnung hatten, wann Konzerte stattfanden. Wir würden gerne erfahren, wann in diesem Jahr 2003 Veranstalltungen stattfinden.
Vielen Dank und viel Vergnügen weiterhin beim Musik machen. Euer Jens und Bettina
nicholas Y +christopher C
I love CAN i love you
stphan pauer
Mein herzlichstes Beileid zum Ableben Michaels! Der Tod keines einzigen Musikers ging mir je so nahe wie dieser,denn ich habe zu keinerlei Musik einen derart tiefgehenden persönlich-emotionalen Bezug,wie zu der Euren. Respect!
Nun noch eine kleine Frage:Gibt es irgendeine Möglichkeit an die Filme der Soundtracks-LP heranzukommen(ausser Deadlock,denn den hab ich aufgenommen,alser im T.V.kam)???
Viele Grüsse und schönen Dank,Euer Stephan
the Reverend
New Zealand
The site is good. However I must ask, how come future days, maybe the summation of Can' powers has not been re-released on vinyl. I have hunted across europe and tried all over to find this for several years. Monster Movie , Tago mago and ege Bamyasi were. Anyway rectify this and I will be for ever in your debt, thanks.
hallo hildegart ??
bin da so reingelinkt
alles liebe
bis ??
Lutz Wernicke
Hello can-ish musicians!
Drummer wanted, who at least knows, who Jaki Liebezeit is. It is for a bandproject in Berlin. Kind of „JJ-Cale-2000“/in a can-ish sound/ enhanced by SPACEVIOLIN. Can anybody imagine, how it feels? Anybody out there?
Feel free to kontakt:
Best wishes to all of You'll....
Ulli Putsch
The Bit´s CD are ready
Home run
one Track white the legendary Michael Karoli
more Info on

Aylin Gökce
Ich finds traurig, dass der Vater von meiner Freundin Tamara Karoli tot ist, aber da kann man ja nichts machen.
Die seite hab ich erst heute gefunden, deshalb schreib ich erst ein Jahr und länger nach seinem Tod rein.
Aylin (13)
PS:grüße an Tami!!
I LIKE CAN. IT's good band. sorrie my english is badd. any 1 know good tab for CAN please give it on this site.
Much thanks you. From squealing pig. I LOVE YOU ALL.
berlin M.. said already it would be great to get the 'alice in den städten' (by wim wenders) film music by Can on disc..can anyone please tell me if I can get hold of it somehow??thanx
Alfonso Gómez
Dear Can friends:
Have you any plans to release more archive material (studio and live)?
I'm sure it will be welcome, Prehistoric Future comes to mind...

Best wishes,
Alfonso Gómez.
dan din
oakland, CA
Jaki (or anyone)--what kind of cymbals did you use on Ege Bamyasi? --dan
There is a lot of good questions here. Does anybody answer, i wonder?
deirdre nevermann
pam lala 2
1983 oder `84 gab es im Radio auf WDR eine can Sendung, eine Japanerin (Name vielleicht View?)sang mit can zusammen einen Song,den ich bis verzweifelt suche.Kann mir jemand helfen?
can someone else please agree w/ me that can delay 1968 was infact released 1st in aug. 1969 under a germany label, but only 500 copies were made?????
Could anyone please tell me if it's possible to find the texts to Michael Karoli & Polly Eltes' "Deluge"? Well, I know it's not about words but still I wonder... And a pleasure to share with all the fans: Damo Sudzuki performed at a club in Moscow recently, and it was great. To me being a rave-goer some 5 years ago it was an extremely exellent experience (EEE) to see the man who stood at the beginning of trance. And his recent drummer is just great. Shame I didn't ask his name.
London England
Does anybody want to trade rare live can/damo stuff please contact for list
forests of borneo
mr karoli must be jammin with jimi by now, difficult to know who would shine more...
does anyone know of an album recorded in recent years by michael karoli and malcom mooney or is it just a rumour?
some people loves YOU in Russia
steven chandler
london england
i recently bought a cd containing 'out of reach' and 'inner space' on tko magnum.
does anyone know when these were released, did they come out on spoon ever? they are not as good as early albums but interesting. great web site, thanks.
I was wondering how many copies of Canaxis 5 on Music Factory label were pressed. I have one and need to sell it..
Marcus Johnson
Manchester, United Kingdom
I've just found a Can album in my local record shop and it's called 'Out Of Reach'.
I've not heard of it before, there's no date of release and it's on Marginal Talent label.
Tracks are: 'Serpentine', 'Pauper's Daughter And I', 'November', 'Seven Days Awake', 'Give Me No Roses', 'Like INOBE GOD', 'One More Day'. Has anyone heard of this album - would be good to know some background on it. Maybe it's a bogus rip off!!! Please contact me at my email - Cheers, Marcus
pixie baltimore, md
as a drummer, jaki liebzeit has been an influence of mine and i am curious to know what equipment he uses
Manolo Tamara
Miami FL
What the world needs now is a lp/cd/sacd audiophile remastered reissue of this wonderful group.
dood evan
CAN I ask a question???
well i will-
Can had some tracks on some wim wenders films in the early 70's such as "alice in the cities" which tracks were they?
were they released on studio albums?
were they released seperately?
please write me at me email
I'm looking for the Pascal Bussy's CAN book, in second hand.
I'd love to get also a copy of the CAN cd "The Peel Session". I love the track "Return to BBcity". Any help is welcome.

Ulli Putsch
Hallo Zusammen.Schaut doch mal auf meiner Page vorbei. Ich habe euch öfter verlinkt und würde mich freuen, wenn Ihr das auch machen könntet.
Grüße vom ollen S.Y.P.H. Drummer Ulli aus Solingen

Hi Ihrs! Ich ziehe in 3 Wochen nach Köln. Gibt´s da noch psychedelische Freaks in der Musikszene? Spiele Baß und hab Bock wieder was zu machen. Vielleicht kennt Ihr ja ein paar Bandnamen...

Matthew Ford
For those who are interested I have uploaded a Power Tab of 'Mushroom' to the Power Tab Archive, which you can find at

Power Tab is a program where you can create tabs as you can find them in books and magazines. You can download the software for free at

PS Does anyone know where I can find Can other guitar tabs? Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

romania help ME..

paul curley
I saw Jaki play with Solaris recently and he is still a genius. But Can, amazing band that realised that improvising is the purest way of capturing the raw emotion of playing music, and with those muscians guiding the music, the sky (or more likely, space) was the limit. Stunning music.
p.s. How many languages does Damo sing in?

Hy Holger grüsse vom marc

John Kriebel
Fairfax, California (SF Bay Area)
The Condolences section doesn't accept anymore so in regards to Michael's passing: Love & blessings to Shirley,Angie & Tamara. I am a father of 2 daughters myself & have loved Michael & CAN's music for almost 30 years! It continues to give me profound inspiration. Thanks & Best Wishes Michael!!!

neil r.
Aberdeen, Scotland's all just so damn good!
To all members past and present...danke.
CAN= musicalheavenonearth...I think.

Will the label be releasing any of the Barbican Hall SOFORTKONTAKT recordings as a monument to Michael?

How to describe Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi, Soon over Babaluma, et al? Genius is one word masterpiece another!

From NME (read the bottom part):
"PRODIGY will release their new album in March 2003, according to songwriter LIAM HOWLETT.
Following the release of recent single 'Baby's Got A Temper', Prodigy are regrouping, with Howlett attempting to finish the long-awaited follow-up to 1997's'The Fat Of The Land'.

He revealed that the record, which has a working title of ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’, will be released in March, preceded by another new single.

When asked when the record would be released, he told XFM: "March next year, We’re gonna release a single that’ll be the proper single to lead up to the album just before. That’s when it’ll all start. Howlett said that he's only completed five songs that he's happy with, with other songs not quite right. He continued: "I’m not happy with them. I’m a perfectionist and its gotta be right"

He said that his current favourite artists are Queens Of The Stone Age, Primal Scream and Can, and the new songs show a "shift" towards a vocal based sound."

Let's hope that influence comes through on the new record!

alistair stripp
Spoon records 1984 ref.LC 7395
Irmin Schmidt soundtrack to film: 'Flight to Berlin'
track:'You make me nervous'
Do you still have it?
Can I please buy a cd copy if you do?
It's been a while waiting but even now, its a crackin track.

Thanks if you have it.

Can is one of those bands that what ever music your into, you would like them.

Austria / Europe
hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria - please feel free to visit our austrian music-site and leave us a note...

Project: Data Control
Saginaw, MI
Can remains a big influence on my music. Genius!

can beamt mich seit 10 jahren weg =)
danke ihr da =) und macht doch ma wieder was regelmässiges in kölle!
nich bock auf irgendwie so ne fusion mit fettem elektrosound und sowas wie vj sehvermögen zb im gebäude 9 ?
ihr würdet uns so glücklitsch machen :)
greetz vom heumarkt ^^

CAN - Cannabis Action Network
The Cannabis Action Network is a nationwide team of individuals and organizations working to make cannabis legally available for medicinal, industrial, and personal uses. This network unites over 250 groups, from 50 states and around the world, in a powerful grassroots coalition.
Have a nice day! mfg Vic

Just noticed "Out of Reach" missing in your discography?
Dispite that, Can are my all time favourites.

caragea gabi
CAN is the best band i ever heard

Melbourne. Australia
Well after all these years, here is my chance at last! to tell the world who my favourite band is(and will ever be)
Can-you have given me endless hours of fascinated listening pleasure full of surprises/funk/chaos, the lot! Thank You.

though not a newcomer to can myself, having been hooked from 1972 onwards, it'd be interesting to have a more informative 'history of can' page on this website for new initiates that places the group in cultural/musical context (may 1968, avant garde, psychedelia, 'krautrock') and also includes a 'chronology' of key changes and events (eg the group's stross norvenich performance, damo's first appearance at the munchen blowup club, the koln free concert up to the present solo-projects etc.). also good would be a complete list of film titles/dates etc in which can music features. and is there any chance of a 'prehistoric future' cd, however poor the sound quality? it really is frustrating to know there's more can music out there that can't be easily obtained and enjoyed!

I am the fan for 20 years or more of CAN.
It is praying for Michael's bliss at the same time it praises Michael great musical talent. Michael Karoli R.I.P.
My URL:Information Overload Generator

tago mago is a great album to listen to under the influence of psilibin

In April.I saw Holger's stage,it's very fantastic. He plays electronics,guiter and bassless,but music has Can's bassline. When next Can project?

i love this music ;)

Ron Kurz
Hallo Irmgard und Irmin
Lange nichts gehört oder gesehen - Bin zufällig auf diese Webseite gelandet. Sieht äusserst interessant aus - liebe Grüsse

Ulyanovsk, Russia
Can is great for sure. It really inspirates.
We'd like to suggest something our own, which could be interesting for can listeners. our works are here: - be welcome. thank you.

da Brase
was dichteres als CAN hab ich noch nie gehört!so lässts sich aushalten...


Phil Durrell
I saw Cann a few times when they toured the UK in 1971. They created a strange and powerful presence on stage. An almost mythical fascination follwed them as they music again and again broke further already stetched boundries. They were good.

Ian Hawxwell
Gormenghast is really good! Hi Paul Frank Hawxwell you have the same surname as me!

nimbin australia
hi guys
tago mago is immer noch eine meiner liebsten klaenge from good ol' germoney. klingt astrein hier im regenwald cheers rainer om shiva

i'm looking for "Delay 1968" on Vinyl.
Can you help me?
Thank you

melbourne, australia
though not a newcomer to can myself, having been hooked from 1972 onwards, it'd be interesting to have a more informative 'history of can' page on this website for new initiates that places the group in cultural/musical context (may 1968, avant garde, psychedelia, 'krautrock') and also includes a 'chronology' of key changes and events (eg the group's stross norvenich performance, damo's first appearance at the munchen blowup club, the koln free concert up to the present solo-projects etc.). also good would be a complete list of film titles/dates etc in which can music features. and is there any chance of a 'prehistoric future' cd, however poor the sound quality? it really is frustrating to know there's more can music out there that can't be easily obtained and enjoyed!

melbourne, australia
... by the way I much preferred the original/previous front page to your website. the new one lacks visual definition and interest and conveys little about the group's ethos.

Hallo !!!
FAszinierend wie der Spitit von CAN auch heute noch weiterlebt.....warum habt ihr "Out of Reach" nicht auch in eurem Reissue-Programm, es ist zwar nicht das Beste-Can Album, aber für Completionists..........


Rami Niemelä
What Is the Can album Out Of Reach?
I can't find here or anywhere.

Michael Forrest
Huntington Beach
I first heard CAN as a teenager in the late 70's, when I had the fortune to stumble into a nest of neophyte writers/poets/musicians running amok, in the brand new pristine suburbs of orange county. I can't begin to describe how strange it was to step out of wholesome Beach Boys surf culture straight into rooms where Damo raved from metallic speakers, etc. What fun, what nightmares we had listening to CAN, while speeding in our cars, it was surreal it was Da Da, it was primieval/futuristic psycho-strangeness. Fantastic. Utterly fantastic to listen to Can and their little brother, Faust. Many thanks for the music.

New York
I've got a question:
Why "In the Distance Lies the Future" song wasn't included on the LP and was included on CD?
Were there any In The Distance... single?

Christa Fast
Liebe Hildegard, ich würde mich sehr freuen, Dir eine mail schicken zu können,weil ich details zu Holgers Plattten brauche, die Dussmann (große Buchhandlung mit Plattenladen) bei meiner Lesung von "Die Nixe/The Mermaid" in Berlin auslegen will zum verkauf. lieben Gruß christa

burnin'red ivanhoe? has anyone heard these guys, or can find cds?

holger, why is it so hard to get a copy of "can-the peel sessions"? i thought it was re-released in 1995? help the world out!

sam brigite bardelot
remembering the vesubie river friends children theinner studio and indeed the dog easy miki is not dead he is just sleeping

Andrew Wilson
I am a big big fan of the early work of film director Wim Wenders.

I fell in love with Can at this point, and their music from this period of working with Wim, never fails to haunt me, each time I hear it.

Can anyone tell me, are there any albums or soundtracks available, which specifically have Can contributions from all or any, of the four films mentioned below.

Die Angst des Tormannes beim Elfmeter, aka The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty (1971)
Alice in den Städten, aka Alice in the Cities (1974)
Falsche Bewegung, aka Wrong Movement (1974)
Im Lauf der Zeit, aka Kings of the Road (1976)

I appreciate any time you might spend on this search for me.


B. Weber
60314 Frankfurt
könnt Ihr mir eine aktuelle Adresse von David Johnson mitteilen?

Joe C.
Austin, TX/USA
Greetings, Some of my Can CDs are from the early-1990s when W.E.A. was distributing Mute CDs in the USA. The sound level on my "Ege Bamyasi" CD seems really low. How does the sound quality compare to either the CD or vinyl releases from Mute UK or Europe? Thanx in advance...

Juan Morales
Guatemala Central America
CAN the best group of kraut and experimental rock..
Visit my Page
History of electronic music and kraut rock
Best wishes

bray, co wicklow, ireland
hi to all the global can lovers this is the 30th/ann of the cologne free concert is there anybody that was at it? email me at michael karoli rip

Hi there, is anybody there who´s got the album Can: Delay´68 on vinyl.
If yes and you wanna sell this one please send me an email. Thanx hope to hear from ya

Austria / Europe
hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria and

Where can I find Can-Guitar-tabs?

Can can be a positive paranoia.....until you smoke a joint. Then it's not positive anymore.

I 1st heard Can in '73 and then my life changed.

Being a drummer, Jaki changed my life!!!!!

Håvard Paulsen
Hi, is it possible to mail me some pictures of mcjabber?

After spending the day with my friends in some woodland we went back to someones house and he put on a new record called Monster Movie it changed my musical outlook ,thanks

su informacion es muy importante me gustaria obtener un vinilo deCAN dime como hacer,aqui me es muy dificil conseguirlo,y una t-shirt tambien del eres millonario regalamela...disculpa el atrevimiento

gracias por todo

Marcos Henrique
Can, the best experimental rock group ever!!!

Ferdinand Barthel
Füssen, Germany
Hi CAN fans,
I just started a crazy project. At everyone can send me his personal view on CAN's lyrics. On the basis of my transcriptions of the words - that possibly may have nothing to do with Malcolm's or Damo's singing - we could put up the definite CAN lyrics database as a result of this "interactive word game". I think all the different views could be a funny way to deal with the words in CAN's songs.
This website is dedicated to Michael Karoli.

Ferdinand Barthel
Füssen, Germany
Ich habe ein aberwitziges Projekt gestartet. Unter kann mir jeder Can-Fan seine Sicht der Can-Songtexte senden. Als Basis habe ich in der letzten Zeit die Texte transkripiert, auch wenn das was ich gehört habe, nichts mit Malcolms oder Damos Gesang zu tun hat. Ich denke das Resultat des "interaktiven Wort-Spiels" könnte die definitive Can-Songtexte-Datenbank werden, letztendlich könnten die unterschiedlichen Sichtweisen sehr witzig zu lesen sein.
Diese WEbsite ist dem Gedenken an Michael Karoli gewidmet.

Jason Wise
Toledo, Ohio; United States of America
I was born in 1980, and have just learned of Can. In fact, I just started listening to Tago Mago and Future Days. Let me say this-- It is evident where MANY 80's and 90's bands of MANY geners got their sound from-- Can! This band is wonderful, I hope to continue to discover it and other great Krautrock bands... by the way, if anyone who knows a LOT about Krautrock would wilke to talk to me, give me an IM or email me! Bottom line- perhaps the best non pure jazz or classical music goup I have ever heard perform! This band Can-- I must know more about their artistic abilities!

Stein Sundqvist
Oslo, Norway
There's always been two main formats for records: albums and singles. While all Can's albums have been reissued onto CDs, there's never been a singles compilation. Many fans of Can would probably say that singles are not meant for this type of music. And that many singles had more to do with record company pressure than the band's own wishes. Maybe true. But it's also true that fans want them never the less. So please compile all 1968-79 single a- and b-sides onto one CD. Use the original 7" edits, mixes, versions etc. and this CD would be a great supplement to the other albums. Fill the CD booklet with picture sleeves from across the world, release info, liner notes, lyric excerpts and everything else interesting to the fans.
Make a worthy product.

Wer "MONSTER MOVIE" nicht kennt, hat eine fatale Bildungslücke. Ich schloss diese Lücke erst 1981-12 Jahre nach Erscheinen dieses Albums- im zarten Alter von 20. Nie wieder hat es eine Band geschafft, mich unter dem Einfluss von LSD daran zu hindern, mir nur noch als ein gigantisches Ohr vorzukommen.(oder so...denn mit Sprache kann man sich ja leider nur begrenzt ausdrücken)

In the beginning there was emptiness then a sound is born.... from this sound a form life generated so Can embodies this whole adventure of a universe....
Dooo wahhh you dooo right

clay p. grossman
Will "only you" ever come out on CD?It is the one thing I do not own.

Toshihiko Kaneko
Tuebingen, Deutschland
I am a Japanese fan.
And I am working in Germany.
Are there any concert related with can at on 2002 ?
We want more!!

Bruno Braun
Sehr gute seite . Ich fand hier viele neue informationen fur meiner Diplomarbeit an der Uni . Danke !!!

Gunter Schickert
I like this site as i always liked CAN which i saw the first Time in 67 or 68 in Berlin TU Audimax/Mensa
There were also Softmachine, Amon Düül and so on.
I am a Musician as well and want to send you some material from the last year. Where can i send it?
Keep on pushing

first time visiting

Hans Greßler
Bergisch Gladbach
Can, einer der wichtigsten Erfahrungen für mich!

I am a Canatic Fanatic!

thomas dickmeis
hallo liebe gormenghastler!
ich bin etwas traurig darüber, daß ich nichts von einer neuen premiere höre. es darf einfach nicht sein, daß dieses wunderbare werk, nicht in deutschen opern gespielt wird. grüße an steerpike,du fehlst mir ein bißchen. grüße an jono: still got you`re blue jogging jacket! grüße an den lieben schmidt-clan, macht bloß weiter!!!


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